MSc Management of Innovation in the Digital Economy

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The MSc Management of Innovation in the Digital Economy (MIDE) program is unique in providing students with skills in both the ICT sector and management.  You’ll learn from academic and industry experts who have years of experience sharing their specific knowledge of the ICT sector with students and professionals: marketing of products and services, company strategies, the ICT sector economy and regulation, e-business and management information systems.

Participants on this course will acquire skills that are crucial for the success of high-tech companies working in a converging and fast-moving business environment:

  • You’ll learn how to assess the potential of technological systems from a marketing and financial perspective to design new kinds of business models and business plans,
  • We’ll teach you how to make decisions that take into account the opportunities and constraints of public policies and regulations,

  • You’ll develop the skills required to succeed in the fierce market-led competitive environment of the ICT industry,
  • We’ll give you an in-depth knowledge and understanding of how businesses and other types of organisations interact to generate innovation, design new solutions and market them thanks to various cooperative models, such as: R&D agreements, strategic alliances, complementary product partnerships, or value-added reseller partnerships.

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