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Development of pedagogy

Educating managers to be able to meet the new expectations and needs of companies requires constant innovation and transformation of the teaching model. These new models are developed and implemented by passionate faculty members, with the support of pedagogical engineers and advisors.

Faculté et recherche IMT-BS: Faculty Day 2021 IMT-BS - Groupe

Educational experimentation

The evolution of the teaching techniques requires experimentation and creativity.

The health crisis has forced us to adapt the teaching. The challenge was to make distance learning possible without losing the link between students and professors.

How to make students work in groups, how to assess them?

Andrea Micheaux, Director of the Management, Marketing and Strategy Department and Professor of Marketing at IMT-BS, has particularly focused on these issues: by developing peer review, for example.

Working groups have been set up within the School to imagine pedagogical experiments and new course models.

RAVIE (Augmented and Virtual Reality for Pedagogical Innovation) is a working group of the IMT schools composed of pedagogical engineers, professors and researchers, whose objective is to find rational and relevant uses for teaching, to create and use immersive pedagogical content (courses, activities, serious games, etc.) in virtual reality (360 or 3D), and to share the experiments in progress in the IMT schools.

Events in support of an innovative and high-quality teaching approach

Faculty Day: a one-day event dedicated to the educational teams

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The IMT-BS Faculty Day is held every year in September. It is an opportunity to meet each other and start the academic year together. It is also a time for exchanging information about educational projects and activities

Mediane: a seminar aimed at the teaching teams

Intended for professors and administrative staff: pedagogical engineers and advisors.

Different workshops are available to reinforce the teaching methods.


Seminar for all IMT-BS pedagogical advisors. It is usually held at the end of September.

This seminar is an opportunity to discuss what is to be proposed in terms of teaching and to get feedback on experiences. This seminar also offers training workshops. It is a time for exchange and sharing between the teams.

The Academy of Educational Transformation

The Academy of Educational Transformation, set up by the IMT Group, aims to coordinate, pool and disseminate educational innovations within IMT-BS and the other schools in the group. This makes it possible to adapt teaching practices to better meet the new expectations of students and companies in terms of skills. It is also an opportunity to support all the educational actors of the IMT schools in the evolution of their professions by recognizing and valuing teaching and pedagogy in their careers.

Language Teaching Initiatives at IMT-BS

As a leading business school, IMT-BS pays particular attention to the international dimension and, therefore, to the teaching of languages.

Several initiatives have been set up such as the COIL (Collaborative Online International Learning) projects. This new methodology for interactive learning is experimented in partnership with a Colombian University.

The educational project aims to develop online collaboration at the international level.

The objective is to motivate French students to learn Spanish and, inversely, Colombian students to speak French.

The COIL project consists in exchanging ideas on a cultural theme. For example: how graphic art is perceived in Colombia?