Experiences at ITM-BS

Student clubs & societies and sports facilities

Student life at Institut Mines-Télécom Business School is rich and varied with more than 60 registered clubs and societies.

The Students’ Union (BDE) is the 4th largest in France. EvryOne , is the 2nd largest student radio station, broadcasting on the FM band from its own studio on campus!

Develop your skills in one of the school's clubs and societies

More than just about enjoying leisure activities, getting involved in a club or society means you’ll learn to work in a team, manage projects and run a team. A true personal experience that will build your employability skills. The fact that activities are shared with students from Télécom SudParis Engineering School offers an opportunity to pool together a unique combination of skills.

The Students' Union, Sports Club, and Arts Society election campaigns are a unique experience!

The Students’ Union (BDE) election campaign lasts approximately 4 months. 3 groups of 30 students compete to become the new student officers.

The campaign ends with 3 evening social events, stands, and activities …

The ASINT (INT Sports Club) campaign lasts 2 months during which 2 groups of 30 students compete by participating in the organisation of an evening at the skating rink, the skiing weekend, the Youyou party (the Club’s mascot) and 2 evening events in the school foyer.

All the teams in competition, whether they win or lose, create connections that go far beyond academic life.

The BDA (Arts Society) organises an internal election campaign where each member of the bureau is elected following a vote.


Examples of events organised on campus

More than one major event takes place each month on campus !

This usually takes place on the first weekend of the academic year in September. The location is kept secret until the last moment!

During a whole weekend, students meet and have fun in a private venue: inflatable games, water activities, bungee jumping… 2 parties are also organised by the campus clubs and societies.

You’ll be able to enjoy open air shows, festivals such as the “Festiv’art” (aka the arts week), INT’s Got Talent (the school’s top talent contest) …, and much more!

4 days of activities organised by ASINT (INT Sports Club): 2 parties, the option of skiing all day, activities in the resort, discounted ski pass rates, …

The Students’ Union (BDE) organises a weekend trip abroad each year.

You’ll have opportunities to compete in inter-school competitions and tournaments:

·   Toss : Supélec Omnisport Tournament. A weekend during which the ITM-BS and TSP delegation goes to the Saclay campus to represent the 2 schools (team sports, athletics, cross-country, tennis…)

·   Centrale Lyon Challenge : ASINT organises the trip to Lyon for the teams to represent the schools in different sports.

·   Massillia Sun Ball (a sports tournament on the beach with volleyball, handball, football, and rugby games …)

During these events, athletes and non-sports enthusiasts rally behind Youyou, the ASINT mascot, to represent the campus and promote the school’s colours.

Parties are also on the agenda!

The clubs and societies take it in turns to organise parties almost every month on campus in the foyer: fresher’s evening, sponsorship events, Halloween parties, Christmas parties, Students’ Union parties, Youyou parties, the last one

The foyer is the campus venue where the majority of the clubs and societies are located. The foyer is a lively and friendly place to meet after a day of classes around the Absinthe bar.

All the clubs and societies organise regular events here.

Enjoy a wide range of sports and facilities

The sports clubs on campus allow you to practice various sports with professional trainers/coaches: football, rugby, volleyball, basketball, handball, boxing, tennis, table tennis, badminton, futsal, boxing, kickboxing, self-defence, core/glutes training, beach volleyball, weight training, etc.

On campus, you will find a gym, a weight room (with a coach), a street workout space, a beach volleyball court, a French bowls (pétanque) court, 3 tennis courts, basketball courts…

When you pay your membership fee to ASINT at the beginning of your studies, you then have access to this full range of sports, training sessions and facilities.

ASINT clubs also offer HIP HOP, cheerleading, horseback riding, rock, salsa, golf, trail running, running, mountain biking, and many more activities!

At IMT, there are also opportunities for our students to get involved in a range of other sports thanks to the facilities provided through our agreement with Evry town hall: 2 swimming pools, a football and rugby pitch, an athletics track, a dojo located 200 m from the campus (SCA 2000 Evry Judo), the Parc des Loges gymnasium (Street Hockey), a rowing and sailing club (SCA 2000 Evry), Étiolles golf club (lessons and green fees), Étiolles horse riding club.

Discover all the societies and sports clubs at Institut Mines-Télécom Business School