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Experiences at ITM-BS

Sports and facilities

Sports at Institut Mines-Telecom Business School (IMT-BS) are an integral part of student life on campus.

Sports events

Whether within the campus shared between engineers and managers or during external sports events, there are plenty of opportunities to engage in sports.

Week-end ski

4 days organized by ASINT (Sports Association): 2 evenings, the opportunity to ski all day, on-site activities, preferential rates at the resort.

Competitions and inter-school tournaments

You can participate in competitions and inter-school tournaments:

  • Toss: Supélec’s Omnisports tournament. A weekend during which the IMT-BS and TSP delegation travels to the Saclay campus to represent both schools (team sports, athletics, cross country, tennis…).
  • Challenge Centrale Lyon: ASINT organizes the trip to Lyon for teams to represent the schools in various sports.
  • Massillia Sun Ball: A sports tournament on the beach featuring volleyball, handball, soccer, rugby…

During these events, all athletes, and even those less inclined towards sports, come together behind Youyou, the ASINT mascot, to represent the campus and proudly display the school’s colors.

Evening events are also planned.

Campus Sports Associations


Sport et équipements sportifs IMT-BS: Activités de l'ASINT

Sports Association of the Campus Schools.


  • Transmit the values of sports
  • Enable the discovery of new disciplines
  • Represent the campus in inter-school tournaments
  • Organize major events like the ski weekend and parties.

The campus sports clubs offer the opportunity to practice various sports with professional trainers/coaches, including football, rugby, volleyball, basketball, handball, boxing, tennis, table tennis, badminton, futsal, kick-boxing, self-defense, core and glute workouts, beach volleyball, weightlifting…

When you pay your membership fee to ASINT at the beginning of your academic journey, you gain access to all these sports, training sessions, and equipment.

ASINT clubs also provide opportunities to engage in activities such as hip-hop, cheerleading, horseback riding, rock climbing, salsa dancing, golf, trail running, jogging, mountain biking…


  • Gymnase : “Gymnasium” ou “Indoor Sports Facility.”
  • Salle de musculation (avec un coach) : “Weight Room (with a coach)” ou “Fitness Center (with a trainer).”
  • Street workout : “Street Workout Area.”
  • Terrain de beach volley : “Beach Volleyball Court.”
  • Terrain de pétanque : “Pétanque Court” ou “Boules Court.”
  • 3 courts de tennis : “3 Tennis Courts.”
  • Terrains de basket : “Basketball Courts.”

Outside the campus

You can also engage in other sports activities thanks to the facilities made available through an agreement with the city of Evry:

  • 2 swimming pools
  • Football and rugby stadium
  • Athletics track
  • Dojo 200 meters from the campus (SCA 2000 Evry Judo)
  • Parc des Loges Gymnasium (Street Hockey)
  • Rowing and sailing club (SCA 2000 Evry)
  • Etiolles Golf Course (lessons and green fees)
  • Equestrian club in Etiolles.