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International mobility

international mobility: a step towards success

International experience is a key element in your studies. At the end of the Bachelor and Integrated Master in Management programs, you will have acquired a real international competence.

100% of our graduates have had international experience!

International mobility allows you to prepare for the international job market, improve your language skills, enhance your CV and increase your employability.

Define your international mobility project

A minimum of one semester of international academic mobility (or a six-month internship abroad) is mandatory during the Bachelor and the Integrated Master in Management (IMM) programs of Institut Mines-Telecom Business School.

The exchange programs set up by IMT-BS give you the opportunity to continue your studies in a partner university for a semester or an academic year.

During your stay, you will remain a student of Institut Mines-Telecom Business School and you will be exempt from paying tuition fees at your host university, except for a few fee-paying programs (in North America and Oceania).


Our mobility programs

Academic exchanges

If you are a 3rd year student in the Bachelor program or a 2nd and 3rd year student in the Integrated Master in Management program (IMM), you have the possibility to go on an international academic exchange for one academic semester.

You can go to Europe in the framework of the Erasmus+ program (2021-2024) or outside Europe, under bilateral agreements signed with institutions around the world.

International academic mobility in a few key points:

  • The grades obtained during the exchange semester are academically recognized by Institut Mines-Telecom Business School;
  • You do not pay tuition fees at the host university (only those of your home institution), except for fee-paying programs;
  • You can receive financial aid for mobility, if you meet the criteria and your application is selected;

With the exception of international double degree programs, you will not receive a degree from the host university.

International double degrees

If you enroll in an international Double Degree, you will be able to obtain two degrees: the degree of the partner university in addition to that of IMT-BS.

The double degree is carried out:

  1. During the 3rd year of the Bachelor program, followed by a 6-month extension for the mandatory end-of-study internship.
  2. During the 3rd and final year (Master 2 level) of the Integrated Master in Management program (IMM).

IMT-BS has currently 7 international double degrees on offer: 2 for the Bachelor program (in Argentina and Colombia) and 5 for the IMM program (in South Korea, Canada (2), Brazil and Thailand).

Offshore Programs

Offshore programs have been developed within our network of academic partners:

  • For the Bachelor program: Technological University Dublin (Ireland), San Ignacio University in Miami (United States) and CESINE (Spain).
  • For the Integrated Master in Management program: ESG UQAM (Canada).

An offshore program is governed by an agreement, which defines the terms and conditions for registration and assessment of academic performance. 

Destinations for an international academic exchange

Institut Mines-Telecom Business School has a network of over 130 international partner universities. They are located all over the world, on 5 continents, in more than 50 countries. These partnerships and agreements make it possible for you to spend a part of your studies at one of these partner institutions, either on academic exchange or in a double degree program.

Every year, some 400 students from Institut Mines-Telecom Business School go abroad on academic exchange.


Search engine for outgoing mobility

To prepare your mobility project

Access the IMT-BS search engine for exchange opportunities and browse the available places (by semester) in your program. 

Make sure that the agreement is open to your level of study (Bachelor or IMM). Please note that each agreement has a limited number of places.

Depending on the selected destination and semester of departure, you can check the following information:

  • number of places available
  • linguistic and academic prerequisites
  • registration process in the chosen institution
  • courses offered to exchange students.

You can also obtain information from the Department for International Relations and Development (DRDI), which will assist and advise you in the setting up of your project, particularly concerning the administrative, practical and financial aspects.

When does the exchange semester take place?

For the Bachelor program:

Departure in the 1st semester of the 3rd year. You have the possibility to study:

  • in one of our offshore programs at Technological University Dublin (Ireland), San Ignacio University in Miami (USA) or CESINE (Spain), or
  • in a selection of partner universities.

For the Integrated Master in Management program:

  • In the 2nd year (M1) of the IMM, in the 2nd semester, on academic exchange.
    Course level:  Bachelor (undergraduate) and/or Master (graduate)
  • In the 3rd year (M2) of the IMM, in the 1st semester, on academic exchange (“international major”).
    Course level: Master only
  • Between the 2nd and 3rd year, during the international gap year:
    A semester of academic mobility followed by a semester of internship (mandatory format)
  • Extension of studies:
    An exchange semester validating the international obligation only.