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International mobility

International mobility: a step towards success

Are you an IMT-BS student interested in studying abroad?

As an international business school, Institut Mines-Télécom Business School (IMT-BS) encourages international mobility.

Throughout the year, the International Relations and Development Department (DRDI) supports you in a Moodle space dedicated to frequently asked generic questions, as well as in information sessions to help you implement your project.

100% of our graduates have had international experience!

International mobility allows you to enhance your CV with valuable experience in the job market and opens doors to the international job market.

The knowledge and skills developed go far beyond proficiency in another language…

Professional project

To ensure that this experience aligns with your professional aspirations, we recommend preparing for this project by addressing the following questions:

  • How can this exchange help me get closer to my academic or professional goals? (Experience in a prestigious school, specific courses offered at a partner institution, the desire to build a network in a particular country, etc.)

  • What will it provide me academically (skills) and personally (knowledge)?

  • Do I have the academic prerequisites (level, degree), and linguistic prerequisites (level, tests) required for this opportunity?

  • If not, do I have the time to develop these skills during the year? How can I do so?

  • How can I meet international students/professionals on campus to gain firsthand information? (International Buddy program, events organized by DRDI)

Our IMT-BS search engine provides information on exchange possibilities, available slots (per semester), linguistic and academic prerequisites, the enrollment procedure at your chosen institution, and the courses available to exchange students.

Check that the agreement is open to your level of study (Bachelor's or Master).

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Be sure to anticipate your partners’ academic and language requirements.

It is essential that you have a good understanding of the teaching language of the partner institution in the country you will be visiting.

A valid language certificate

As part of academic exchanges, all of our partners require a certificate attesting to the language proficiency necessary for taking courses (primarily in English, but also in German, Spanish, etc.).

Depending on our partners’ requirements, you can choose from various certifications:

IMT-BS can provide this after one semester, subject to level validation. For students from the Passerelle competition or the Double-degree program, their school’s attestation is considered under certain conditions.

Mandatory for several destinations, such as Denmark, USA, Australia, South Korea, Hong Kong, Thailand, Taiwan (non-exhaustive list).

Management, New Technologies, etc. A certificate jointly managed by the University of Cambridge, the British Council, and the Australian organization IDP Education Australia.

An alternative test that provides quick results.

A certificate produced by Cambridge with immediate results.

You can find the language prerequisites of our partners using the interactive map.

Our mobility programs

International double degrees
Diploma recognized by partner schools
Off-campus academic exchange
International mobility at a partner school
International internship
International professional mobility

Academic exchanges

You can study in Europe, under the Erasmus+ program, or outside Europe, under bilateral agreements signed with institutions worldwide.

Academic exchange in a nutshell:

  • You pay no additional tuition fees at your host university (only those of IMT-BS), with the exception of fee-paying programs.
  • You can benefit from mobility grants, awarded if you meet the criteria and your application is selected.
    Academic exchanges do not award a diploma.

With certain partners, there are specific “Study Abroad” exchanges that can award a certificate once the program has been successfully completed. Study Abroad exchanges follow the same process as academic exchanges. They are subject to additional costs. Erasmus grants are not available. You do not have priority for mobility assistance.

The International double degrees

As part of an international Double Diploma, you can get two Diplomas, the Diploma of our partner in addition to that of IMT-BS.

The double degree is awarded :

  • In the Bachelor’s program, during the 3rd year, followed by a 6-month extension for the compulsory end-of-studies work placement.

  • In the Integrated Master of Management (IMM), during the 2nd year of the Master’s program (final year of the IMM).

IMT-BS currently offers 6 outgoing double degrees abroad : Canada, United Kingdom (2), Morocco, Argentina and South Korea.

Your online application

To apply for an international exchange program, you must first complete the online form with your IMT-BS student account via CAS authentication.

Conditions for going abroad IMT-BS :

Doubles diplômes Internationaux IMT-BS: Mobility online

The application is made in three steps:

  • Step I. Online application form
  • Step II. Submission of supporting documents
  • Stage III. Transmission of file to DRDI

Where can I go abroad for academic mobility?

Institut Mines-Telecom Business School has a network of over 140 international partner universities. They are located all over the world, on 5 continents, in more than 48 countries.

These partnerships and agreements make it possible for you to spend a part of your studies at one of these partner institutions, either on academic exchange or in a double degree program.

Every year, some 400 students from Institut Mines-Telecom Business School go abroad on academic exchange.


Search engine for outgoing mobility

To develop your mobility project

Access IMT-BS search engine for exchange opportunities and search for available slots (per semester) that match your program. Ensure that the agreement is open to your level of study (Bachelor or Master). Please note that each agreement has a specified number of slots.

Depending on your chosen destination and the semester of departure, you can check:

  • The number of available slots
  • Linguistic and academic prerequisites
  • The enrollment procedure at your chosen institution
  • Courses offered to exchange students

Additionally, inquire with the International Relations and Development Department (DRDI), which will assist and advise you in implementing your project, especially regarding administrative, practical, and financial aspects.

When should you go?

For the Bachelor program:

Departure in 1st semester of 3rd year (traditional route) or 2nd semester of 2nd year (apprenticeship route).

For the Integrated Master in Management program:

  • 2nd year of PGE (M1), 2nd semester, academic mobility
  • In 3rd year of PGE (M2), 1st semester academic mobility (“international major”)
  • Between 2nd and 3rd year of PGE, in an International gap year (ACI)

International experience