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The Integrated Master in Management program of Institut Mines-Telecom Business School allows you not only to acquire the fundamentals of administration and management, but also to meet the needs and expectations of the professional world.

How the IMT-BS IMM program opens the doors to the professional world

The Integrated Master in Management program is designed to enrich your experience and facilitate your access to and integration into the job market.

You benefit from teaching methods that are adapted to the expectations of companies

Many of the courses at IMT-BS focus on experimentation and outreach to the business world: Challenge Projet d’Entreprendre®, Creativity and Innovation WeekCSR Innovation Game, IS Lab Challenge…

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You complete up to 21 months of internships in France or abroad

If you follow the initial program, you will complete a minimum of 3 months of internship at the end of the first year and 6 months in the third year.

You can choose a master in apprenticeship

If you follow the initial program, you will complete a minimum of 3 months of internship at the end of the first year and 6 months in the third year.

You can take a gap year with an internship in a company

The gap year is optional. It allows you to temporarily put your studies on hold in order to gain significant experience, either independently (internship in a company), or within a host organization in France or abroad (in a partner university).

The gap year generally takes place between the Master 1 and Master 2 years.

IMT-BS and its Career Center can help you with the necessary steps (internship agreement, etc.) and your gap year project.

You develop your network and your contacts

All the experiences you will have during your studies (internships, teaching, student life…) will help you develop your network.

The School’ s alumni network opens the doors to more than 7,500 contacts around the world.

You take on responsibilities in one of the 60 associations or clubs at the School and develop your soft skills

Our business school is home to many associations and clubs.

By getting involved in the life of the associations (as President, Chairman, Treasurer, Member of a board …), you offer a valuable experience to the professional world and add soft skills to your CV: decision-making, leadership development, responsibility, management, team spirit…

Focus on our apprenticeship program

3 good reasons to choose a master's degree in apprenticeship

  • You will have an in-depth knowledge of the corporate world;
  • You will enjoy a unique and rewarding professional experience, while benefiting from the support of an in-company apprenticeship manager and an educational tutor from the School;
  • You will apply the knowledge acquired at school to real cases and situations, which is the privileged way to access employment.
  • You become an employee of the company and receive a motivating salary;
  • You are entitled to all the benefits granted by the company’s collective agreement (bonuses, profit-sharing, social benefits, etc.);
  • The cost of your studies is entirely paid for by your host company.
  • In your host company, you have the opportunity to participate in events such as conferences, professional fairs and seminars, in its sector of activity;
  • You can also participate in projects with customers;
  • These projects allow you to build your own experience, increase your skills and exchange with other partners.

Which pattern for your work-study Master's degree at IMT-BS?

All our Master’s programs are offered on a work-study basis: 1 week at school and 3 weeks in the company.

IMT-BS Career Center: the support center dedicated to your access to the professional world

Which events to help me find my internship or work placement?

Stage en entreprise: Le Forum du Numérique, le Corner Tech

Meeting with the companies

Every year, Institut Mines-Telecom Business School organizes on its campus several business meetings and recruitment forums, including the Corner Tech.