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The Integrated Master in Management program of Institut Mines-Telecom Business School (IMt-BS) allows you not only to acquire the fundamentals of administration and management, but also to meet the needs and expectations of the professional world.

The program is designed to enrich your experience and facilitate your access to and integration into the job market.


How IMT-BS help you to develop your professional skills?

IMT-BS enables you to develop your skills and competencies to become sought-after and appreciated professionals.

The teaching methods developed throughout your course are geared towards experimentation (learning by doing) and adapted to the needs of the professional world.

Classic program or Apprenticeship?

You can choose from several different programs:

  • The classic program offers you up to 24 months of internships

– L3: 3-month internship (compulsory)
– M1: 3-month internship (optional)
– M2: 2 internships of 4 to 6 months
– M3: 6-month internship (compulsory)

  • The apprenticeship program, in which you alternate between classes and work in a company.

– L3: 3-month internship abroad to apply for an apprenticeship
– 12-month course, M1: 3-month internship abroad (compulsory*)

*The international requirement for entry into PGE3 APP can be validated by an academic exchange abroad rather than 2 x 3-month internships abroad.

You can take a gap year with an internship in a company​

The “gap year” is optional. It allows you to temporarily suspend your studies in order to gain personal experience, either on your own or with a host organization in France or abroad. It enables you to hone your professional skills and develop your experience.

More than 60 associations or clubs shared by Telecom SudParis engineering students and IMT-BS managers, enabling you to build pre-established links that will serve you well throughout your professional career.

By getting involved in the life of the associations (as President, Chairman, Treasurer, Member of a board …), you offer a valuable experience to the professional world and add soft skills to your CV: decision-making, leadership development, responsibility, management, team spirit…

Develop your network and your contacts​​

All the experiences you will have during your studies (internships, teaching, student life…) will help you develop your network.


IMT-BS Career Center: the support center dedicated to your access to the professional world​

Institut Mines-Telecom Business School has created a Career Center  for its students, a support center dedicated to personalized coaching in 3 areas:

  • Communication: individual interviews (assessments, career advice, tutoring, etc.), special meetings with experts in human resources or personal development;
  • Knowledge of the job market: professional communication tools and techniques (CV, cover letter, interviews), job information and recruitment sessions;
  • Self-knowledge: get to know your personality and strengths, assess your potential and identify areas for improvement.

Services Relations entreprises et Alumni

Our Corporate Relations and Alumni Relations departments organize various events to help you find internships and/or your first job.

The school's alumni network  opens the doors to over 15,000 contacts around the world from Institut Mines-Telecom Business School (Managers) and Telecom SudParis (Engineers).

Which events to help me find my internship or work placement?​

Every year, Institut Mines-Telecom Business School organizes on its campus several business meetings and recruitment forums.

  • Search forums for long internships, work-study programs, 1st jobs, Job dating…
  • Digital forum, Tech Corner…
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