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Master 2 Specialisations

The final year (M2) of the Integrated Master in Management program of Institut Mines-Telecom Business School provides students with a more in-depth training by allowing them to choose a specialization. The teachings provided encourage the development of critical analysis.

This third year offers several possibilities:

Specialization major

+ a long internship (6 months)

International academic semester

+ a long internship (6 months)

Major in apprenticeship

Institut Mines-Telecom Business School offers a wide range of specializations (called Majors) in apprenticeship, taught in French or in English.

Institut Mines-Télécom Business School propose un large choix de spécialisations (dites Majeures) en apprentissage, en français et en anglais.

Master 2: which concentration or major to choose in our business school?

In the 2nd year of the Master’s program (M2), i.e. during your 3rd year of the Integrated Master in Management program at Institut Mines-Telecom Business School, you will choose your specialization.

For your Master's degree specialization, IMT-BS offers you a large choice of majors!

IMT-BS offers 13 majors specializing in different fields: information systems, marketing and communication, sales or consulting, finance, innovation…

You can also choose between a specialization major in French or in English with a long internship (6 months), or do an academic semester (6 months) abroad followed by a long internship (6 months), or do your major in apprenticeship (alternating school and company).

Information system majors

The Audit and Consulting in Information Systems (ACSI) major prepares students to become professional consultants and auditors capable of helping companies analyze, develop and manage their information systems in the best possible way.

A large part of the program is dedicated to the understanding of the strategic role of information systems to innovate and improve the performance of business processes and the competitive edge of companies.

In this major, you will study:

  • Business Intelligence and Data Visualization
  • IS Project Management
  • Data Management (Data Governance, Privacy, Privacy on Design, GDPR)
  • IS Governance
  • Audit and Consulting

Career opportunities:

The ACSI major opens up numerous and varied career opportunities in auditing and consulting firms or in the fields of banking and insurance, building and construction, energy, transportation, telecommunication, car manufacturing or mass distribution.

Examples of missions:

  • Audit and Consulting
  • Business Start-up Projects
  • IS/IT Project Management
  • Business Process Management
  • IS Governance (Project Management Assistance, Change Management, Data Manager, etc.)

Pace of teaching: full time

  • 6 months of classes
  • 6-month professional internship in a company

The Information Systems Engineering (ISI) major prepares students to become consultants or company managers capable of carrying out all missions related to the management of information systems (IS), including IS project management and change management, at all levels (strategic, economic, organizational, human, and technological).

It teaches how to design an information system and to help customers find appropriate technological solutions.

This major includes business and engineering school students.

In this major, you will study:

  • IS in the Corporate Environment
  • IS Project Management Assistance
  • IS Project Management
  • IS Audit and Security
  • IS: Business Architecture and Governance

Career opportunities:

This major offers a broad-based, cross-disciplinary education at the intersection of business and technological issues. It prepares students for the following professions:

  • IS Consultant
  • IS Project Management Assistant
  • Junior Expert in the core business functions of IT Departments (major accounts)
  • The missions performed by the ISI major’s graduates are numerous and varied: IS design, benchmarking of technological solutions, IS project management, business process engineering, IS governance, management of a company’s IS infrastructure (ERP, CRM, BI), management of information systems, support for digital transformation (cloud computing, agility, big data, AI, IoT, etc.), data management or risk management.

Pace of teaching: full-time

  • 6 months of classes
  • Professional internship of 5 months minimum in a company

The Consulting and Management of Information Systems (CMSI) major prepares students to become professionals capable of leading consulting and management activities in information systems (IS) in today’s companies and organizations.

This concentration provides students with a wide range of methods and approaches to understanding information systems, that they will be able to apply in both consulting firms and major companies.

This major is taught on a work-study (apprenticeship) basis.

In this major, you will study:

  • Fondamentals of IS
  • IS Project Management
  • IS Consulting Business
  • Decision-Making IS
  • IS Audit and Governance

Career opportunities:

Upon successful completion, you can work for large companies (BNP Paribas, Société Générale, Natixis, Orange, Saint Gobain, etc.), or in IS consulting firms (Wavestone, CGI, EY, Sopra Steria, etc.). The CMSI major gives you access to the following professions:

  • Information System Consultant
  • Head of the “Business” Information System
  • Project Manager
  • Information System Manager (PMO)
  • Chief Digital Officer

Pace of teaching: work-study

  • 1 week of classes
  • 3 weeks of in-company training

You will be required to carry out management consulting missions in audit or consulting firms or within large companies and multinational corporations. You may hold the following positions, among others:

  • Information System Management Consultant
  • IT/IS Project Manager
  • Digital Marketing and Strategy Manager
  • Expert in IS Strategy
  • IT Resource and Risk Manager
  • IS Manager
  • Change Manager
  • Big Data Program Manager
  • Business Analyst
  • Data Governance Expert
  • Digital Intelligence Officer

Pace of teaching: work-study

  • 1 week of classes
  • 3 weeks of in-company training

Sales & consulting majors

The International Business Engineering (IAI) major prepares students to perform all activities related to the profession of business engineer , in both a technological and international context. They learn to effectively use information and communication technologies at every stage of the management of a complex project. This major prepares students to become experts in a variety of subjects (understanding needs, technological issues, negotiation, project management, etc.) and develops their personal skills .

This major is taught either full-time in the classroom or on a work-study (apprenticeship) basis .

In this major, you will study:

  • International Negotiation
  • Business Engineering
  • Managing Complex Projects
  • Innovation and New Business Models
  • Finan cial Engineering of Innovative Projects

Career opportunities:

The job opportunities offered by this major allow you to hold positions in various fields such as project management, sales, consulting and auditing, marketing and communication, and even business creation:

  • Project Manager
  • Business Engineer
  • Key Account Manager
  • Product Manager
  • Market Manager
  • Technical Sales Engineer
  • Consulting Engineer
  • ICT Consultant
  • Product Marketing Manager

Pace of teaching:

This major is taught either full-time in the classroom or on a work-study (apprenticeship) basis.


  • 1 week of classes
  • 3 weeks of in-company training


  • 6 months of classes
  • 6-month professional internship in a company

Marketing and communication majors

The Digital Inventiveness – Designer, Engineer and Manager (ID-DIM) major prepares students for the creation and development of tomorrow’s digital projects that require a strong multidisciplinary synergy.

It prepares them for the emerging digital professions of the 21st century.

It promotes personal development and the acquisition of “hybrid” skills.

This program brings together students from different schools (engineers from TSP, IMT group and associated schools; managers from IMT-BS; designers from ESAD in Reims).

It is intended for designers , engineers and managers .

The high level of cross-disciplinary collaboration requires approaches to collective co-creation: experimental (validation by prototype), user-friendly, curious about the other disciplines, and in relation to technical and social ecosystems.

In this major, you will study:

  • Management of Emerging Projects
  • Culture and Issues of Design and Digital Design
  • Methods and Practices of Prototyping
  • Experimenting with Code and Programming
  • Eco-Design, Ethical and Responsible Management

Career opportunities:

This major will prepare students for jobs and functions related to the management of innovative and complex digital projects, consulting and auditing on complex projects, digital and social entrepreneurship, digital project design, or one of the new digital professions:

  • Digital Project Manager
  • Innovation and Digital Transformation Manager
  • Innovation Engineer
  • Innovative Product Designer
  • Digital Interface Design
  • Digital Designer in Digital and Hybrid Environments
  • Designer Ux/Ui
  • Digital Design Manager
  • Experiential Instructor

Pace of teaching : full-time

  • 6 months of classes
  • 6-month professional internship in a company

The Digital Marketing major prepares students to become specialists in the field, capable of mastering the technical, marketing, sales and logistical aspects.
It provides the necessary skills to develop and manage the web marketing strategy of a company, and to carry out projects combining marketing and ICT expertise.

This Master’s specialization combines the advantages of academic education and in-company work experience, thanks to an apprenticeship (work-study) program.

In this major, you will study:

  • Digital Marketing Ecosystem
  • Management of Digital Projects
  • Omni-Channel Marketing
  • Data: from Process to Marketing Use
  • Relationship Marketing

Career opportunities:

This major gives access to positions of responsibility in the field of marketing and Information and Communication Technologies (ICT):

  • Digital Marketing Officer
  • e-Commerce Manager
  • Web Communication Manager
  • e-CRM Consultant
  • Community Manager
  • Consultant in Natural Referencing
  • Web Analytics Consultant
  • Web Advertising Space Buyer

Pace of teaching: work-study

  • 1 week of classes
  • 3 weeks of in-company training

The Digital and Media Project Management major prepares students to become professionals in digital project management in the media industry (Internet, TV, cinema, video games).

Courses include project management assistance, communication applied to the New Media sector, negotiation of broadcasting rights, distribution and promotion of video material on all media.

This specialized major allows students to develop their creativity, adaptability and teamwork in order to facilitate their professional integration.

In this major, you will study:

  • Digital Design Tools
  • Management of Media Projects
  • Media Issues and Strategies
  • Web Technologies
  • Production of a Short Film

Career opportunities:

Companies (from startups to large groups) operating in the media sector today offer a wide variety of jobs:

  • MEDIA Project Management
  • MEDIA Business Creation
  • Consultancy (Project Management Assistance)
  • Digital Transformation of the Organization (CDO)
  • Digital marketing for the new MEDIA
  • Management and Creation of New Products
  • Web development
  • Social Network Management
  • Communication

Pace of teaching: work-study

  • 6 months of classes
  • 6-month professional internship in a company

Finance-oriented Major

The Information Systems for Market Finance (SIF) major provides students with a dual competence in market finance and information systems applied to the management of financial information.

Students are made aware of the match between business and technological issues.
Those enrolled in this major will acquire the skills to master the financial markets and their products, but also to interact with the technical professions and the project management in market finance.

In this major, you will study:

  • Markets and Financial Techniques
  • Trading Tools and Market Positioning
  • ·   Design and Modeling of Financial Products in the IS
  • Information System Governance
  • Information Security and Risk Management

Career opportunities:

Graduates of the SIF major are multi-skilled and can take on a variety of positions in banks and insurance companies, in service and consulting organizations in the field of financial information technology, in financial software publishing companies or in auditing firms, for risk control:

·   Functional Consultant, Project Management and Project Management Assistant

  • Financial Applications
  • BFI Project Management
  • Risk Control
  • Support Activities
  • Software Design and Development
  • IT Quant (Financial models, pricing tools, financial libraries…)
  • Risk Analyst

Pace of teaching : full-time

  • 6 months of classes
  • 6-month professional internship in a company

Strategy and entrepreneurship majors

The Entrepreneurship and Innovation Management (EMI) major prepares students to become professionals capable of designing and launching an entrepreneurship / intrapreneurship project.

It provides the keys to understanding the ecosystems, business models and strategic positioning specific to startups, ICT and the digital economy, and to ensuring the sustainability of the project by transferring it to the School’s incubator.

In this major, you will study:

  • Identify Problems, Provide Solutions
  • Concept Testing and Prototyping
  • Growth Processes
  • Hacking Lean Startup Management
  • New Venture Finance

Pace of teaching:

The Entrepreneurship and Innovation Management major is offered on a work-study basis.

  • 1 week of courses and workshops
  • 3 weeks in the IMT Starter incubator.

This major enables students to take on important managerial responsibilities such as project management, sales or marketing management, sales administration or production monitoring:

  • Strategy and/or IT Management Consultant
  • Product Manager
  • Information System Project Manager
  • Analyst
  • Marketing Manager
  • Sales Manager
  • Customer Service Manager
  • Sales Executive
  • Management controller
  • Entrepreneurs

Pace of teaching: work-study

  • 1 week of classes
  • 3 weeks of in-company training

The Management of Innovation in the Digital Economy (MIDE)   major, entirely taught in English, prepares students to become managers who master the entire innovation process. It provides the skills necessary to design innovative strategies, products and services, with a focus on analysis (for example of industries, markets or digital data). It also develops their ability to work in an international context.

In this major, you will study:

  • Management of innovation
  • Creativity and Design thinking
  • Market Research
  • Business modelling and service design
  • Sectoral analysis
  • Business analytics (Growth Hacking)
  • Digital Marketing

Career opportunities:

This concentration provides access to jobs related to the development of innovations, particularly in the field of digital services and e-solutions:

  • Development of new products and services (ex. Product Marketing)
  • Digital Project Manager, e-commerce manager
  • Digital Transformation Consultant
  • Business Developer, Manager or Executive in start-ups or new ventures
  • Innovation Consultant for Companies, Incubators or accelerators
  • Business Analyst

Pace of teaching: full-time

  • 6 months of classes
  • 6-month professional internship in a company

External majors with our partner universities

IMT-BS also offers the possibility of completing the final year of the program (M2) at other universities in France.

These external majors should not be mixed up with the 14 specializations offered within IMT-BS, nor with the majors that can be completed in the other schools of the IMT group.

M2 Finance

  • Bank-Finance
  • Risk and Asset Management

M2 Management Control

  • Financial Analysis and Control
  • Management Control and Strategic Steering
  • Master’s degree in Accounting, Control and Auditing (in 2 years)

Master 2: Financial Asset Management