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Creativity week

Five days to develop your creativity and agility. Change your perspective! Work on new ideas and learn to value them. 

For one week, nearly 500 Master 1 students from Institut Mines-Telecom Business School and Télécom SudParis take part in a program that is one of the highlights in their studies: the Creativity and Innovation Week.  

An educational project that mixes managers and engineers

During this week, managers from Institut Mines-Telecom Business School and engineers from Télécom SudParis work together on environmental, economic and social challenges.

Develop your soft skills

The Creativity Week is an essential time for developing your soft skills.

You learn to compare your views, opinions and thoughts and you find solutions to build your own beliefs. 

As innovation expert Nils Aziosmanoff explains, training virtuosos for competition, as all schools do, is no longer in line with our times where knowledge is accessible everywhere and all the time and where cooperation is essential. Being able to adapt to uncertainty and complexity requires self-confidence and the capacity to think outside the box. Yet, our environment and our education do not allow us to break the codes. The role of the instructors is essential today: accompany everyone in the development of their potential. This is the purpose of the Innovation and Creativity Week.

Learning how to empower and share is the key to everything. Use the new tools to imagine, prototype, test, learn from your failures and start again… As the old saying goes, “Behind every obstacle, there is an opportunity!”

Be curious and change the world!

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Nils Aziosmanoff explains: Technologies are on the rise, digital technology has become more democratic and encourages everyone to go beyond their abilities. The environmental, economic and social challenges that humanity is facing require us to change our “internal software”. Connective intelligence and “thinking machines” will speed up discoveries and solutions. In this more complex context, “potentials” are more important than achievements. Education has taylorized access to knowledge, and this is what is being questioned today. Thinking about the future requires us to change our patterns, and therefore to develop our creativity.

Soyez curieux et changez le monde !

“We are all creators”.  My advice? To develop creative thinking, be curious as a child, work without preconceived ideas. The common narrative allows for exchange and collaboration, but it can also confine us in normative models


Start from the assumption that utopia is just an idea that has not yet been achieved. Progress pushes the limits of what is possible a little more each day. To anticipate change, identify the weak signals, do not restrict yourself to any field of exploration, become transdisciplinary. Like nature, creativity is constantly testing new scenarios by creating new links. Digital technology encourages hybridization and the emergence of new values. To be agile in the world to come, do not be afraid, dare!

Nils Aziosmanoff
Expert in Innovation and President and Co-Founder of Le Cube