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Cost and funding of the Integrated Master in Management

The amount of tuition fees per year of studies in the Integrated Master in Management program is set annually by a decree of the Ministry of the Economy, under whose authority Institut Mines-Telecom Business School and the Institut Mines-Télécom are placed.

Cout de la scolarité du PGE IMT-BS

Tuition fees at IMT-BS​

They have been set at €7,750 for students entering the School in September 2021.

They are set at €5,000 for non-scholarship students whose income do not exceed by more than €5,000 the threshold set for receiving a scholarship.

Scholarship students are exempt from paying tuition fees.

Cost of the Integrated Master in Management program (2 or 3 years):

  • If starting the program at a Bac+2 level (2 years of higher education): from €15,000 to €23,250
  • If starting the program at a Bac+3 level (3 years of higher education): from €10,000 to €15,500

The optional gap year adds one year to the duration of the program and incurs an additional cost of €1,100.

Special case: Repetition/extension of studies due to insufficient student results may generate additional costs.

Cost of tuition: a long-term commitment of IMT-BS

Transparency on the cost of education is an important issue for students and their families. For this reason and in compliance with the “Responsibility” value of Institut Mines-Telecom Business School, the School’s administration is engaged in providing full visibility on the total cost of the entire program. Unlike many business schools that are unclear on this subject at the start of the program and that regularly increase their tuition fees, IMT-BS is committed to not increasing the annual tuition fees in the course of the studies.

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Financial aid for your studies


Almost one out of two first-year IMM students receives a scholarship.

All scholarship students fulfilling the social criteria of the CROUS are totally exempt from paying tuition fees

In order to reduce the gap between students paying €7,750 and those who are 100% exempt from tuition fees, IMT-BS has introduced an intermediate rate for students with limited financial resources, thus without entitling them to receive a scholarship and fee waiver. 

Therefore, if your resources exceed the limit set for the awarding of a scholarship by up to €5,000, your tuition fees will be reduced to €5,000 (instead of €7,750). This €5,000 rate is only applicable to IMM students enrolled from July 1, 2020 onwards.

Excellence and Mobility Scholarships

The Fondation Mines-Télécom awards excellence and mobility scholarships to students of the School.

Tuition Fees Paid by the Company for Apprenticeship Students

If you are on an apprenticeship contract (one or two years starting from Master 1), the tuition fees are paid by the company.

Bank Loans to Finance Your Studies

Loans can be granted by our partners: Société Générale (branch of Evry), LCL (branch of Evry), BNP Paribas. A Société Générale representative is present on campus every Wednesday.

Student Loans

Télécom & Management Alumni, the alumni network, provides occasional assistance by granting loans to students facing financial difficulties, particularly in the context of an international project.

Financial Aid for International Mobility

Institut Mines-Telecom Business School also provides financial aid for international mobility.

IMT-BS: the French business school with the best return on investment

The rankings of the best European business schools, published every year by the Financial Times (FT), have always acknowledged Institut Mines-Telecom Business School’s ability to offer its future graduates extremely interesting career opportunities and salaries, considering the low cost of tuition (calculated without taking into account scholarships and other financial aid).