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Environmental and Social Responsability

Social Policy

Institut Mines-Telecom Business School’s social policy is part of its DNA and lies at the heart of its missions and strategy. IMT-BS is a business school that values excellence while promoting openness, equal opportunities and inclusion.

Equal opportunities

Openness is one of the four values (Boldness, Excellence, Openness, Responsibility) carried by Institut Mines-Telecom Business School.

This value firstly means opening up our School to diverse and varied student profiles.

IMT-BS is committed to integrating in its classes deserving students who otherwise would not have been able to access higher education business studies due to the high tuition fees usually charged by business schools. More than one student out of two in the Integrated Master in Management (Grande Ecole) program benefits from financial aid and is exempt from tuition fees. Social aid is granted to enable as many students as possible to have access to the program and to international mobility.

In addition to financial aid, IMT-BS is committed to equal opportunity programs that allow our students to develop their academic and professional projects, and also allow college and high school students to discover the world of a “grande école“.

IMT-BS is a partner of the national program Les Cordées de la Réussite, which aims to promote access to higher education for young people, whatever their sociocultural background, by giving them opportunities to successfully engage in programs of academic excellence. In collaboration with TSP and Les Partenariats d’Excellence, IMT-BS welcomes every year nearly a hundred high school and college students for a one-day program on campus. They attend thematic workshops and testimonials from graduates and professionals. Awareness-raising activities in middle and high schools as well as cultural trips and mentoring are also organized.

mentorat article 1

IMT-BS is a partner of the Article 1 association, which makes it possible each year for students of our School to follow an individual and collective mentoring program with professionals holding positions that are of interest to them.

Discover the portrait of Waren Paisley, an IMT-BS graduate who followed the mentoring program of Article 1.

Gender Equality

Institut Mines-Telecom Business School has signed the Charter for Gender Equality of the Conférence des Grandes Ecoles.

The text of the Charter states that “Gender equality is a fundamental right for all and constitutes a capital value for democracy.” By signing this Charter, the School asserts its willingness to implement a sustainable gender equality policy.

In December 2017, a new “Equality Action Plan” was presented and approved by the Executive Committee: setting up of a listening and prevention unit for sexual and gender-based violence, creation of an “Information Guide on Gender-Based and Sexual Violence”, info sessions and awareness-raising workshops, symposia, poster campaigns…

IMT-BS is a partner of the ExcELLEncia Trophy and is committed to the Pascaline association in order to develop the attractiveness of engineering and digital studies and jobs among female students.

The School’s commitment can also be found in its core activities, in its programs with courses on the subject offered to our male and female students, and in its research with the work of the Gender@IMT group.


Launched by the Gender@IMT teaching and research team in March 2018, this MOOC presents the little-known contribution of women to research, software entrepreneurship and digital careers. It analyzes the processes of construction of ICT-related gender stereotypes and identifies the movements that contribute to the de-construction of these stereotypes.

Learn more

Teaching and research group specializing in gender-technology related issues.

Handicap and equal opportunities

Politique sociale IMT-BS: Egalité des chances

Institut Mines-Telecom Business School is committed to welcoming all young people with the same level of expectations and ambition. This commitment is consistent with the desire to change the way society perceives people with disabilities.

In this context, the School offers students with disabilities or whose health condition requires specific arrangements to continue their studies by providing them with personalized guidance and an adaptation of the teaching methods and rhythms if necessary. The presence of a full-time nurse on campus allows for personalized care.

Candidates with disabilities applying for the Bachelor and MIM program may be eligible for special arrangements when taking the competitive entrance exams. We invite you to send your request to the test banks of the concerned entrance exams. For the other programs, please contact our disability advisors.

Upon registration, fill out the “Declaration of disability and/or request for pedagogical adaptation” and send it to the disability advisors at: handicap@imt-bs.eu

The “Pedagogical arrangement procedure” sheet will give you all the information you need on the topic.

You can benefit from financial aid during your studies and in the implementation of specific adaptations related to your disability. For more information, please contact the disability advisor at: handicap@imt-bs.eu

Since 2011, our campus has been equipped with infrastructures in compliance with accessibility standards, allowing people with disabilities to move freely within the campus. Institut Mines-Telecom Business School regularly renovates its premises to provide disabled students with the most appropriate facilities.

Are you a student with a disability?

Arpeje’h provides mentoring to help you build your career path and much more.

  • According to your availability, exchange regularly with your mentor through meetings, phone calls and/or emails.
  • Describe your educational background.
  • Visit his/her company.
  • Meet with his/her colleagues who could also help you choose, clarify or confirm your professional project.
  • Discover how the company operates and what professions it encompasses.
  • Obtain some help in your reflection on your course of study and your career choices.
  • Receive encouragement in stressful times (competitive exams, exams, internship or apprenticeship search, start of internship or job…).
  • Find out about recruitment practices.
  • Take advantage of a network…

The Arpeje’h team answers your questions. Please visit: www.arpejeh.com

Erasmus+ and disabilities

Politique sociale IMT-BS: Erasmus+

The democratization of the Erasmus+ program is one of the objectives for the period 2014-2020. Erasmus+ aims to promote equity and inclusion by facilitating “access for participants from disadvantaged backgrounds and with fewer possibilities than their peers, when the situation of these people limits or prevents their participation in transnational activities.”

Socio-economic barriers, but also disability or health problems are among the factors limiting the mobility of these people:

  • Disability (i.e., participants with special needs): people with mental (intellectual, cognitive, or learning difficulties), physical, sensorial, or other disabilities;
  • Health issues: students with chronic health problems, serious illnesses or psychiatric diseases.

Erasmus+ allocates a specific amount of funding to cover the additional costs directly related to disabled participants and their accompanying persons. The program also provides additional funds to enable participants to have access to appropriate technical and educational supports.

All costs directly incurred by the participant’s disability and by any accompanying person are covered by the program, including travel and living expenses of the accompanying person.

In order to obtain coverage of additional expenses, the students must contact the Department for International Relations and Development (DRDI) at least one month before departure: outgoing@imt-bs.eu

Consult the Disability Guide (in French)

Download the Erasmus+ Mobility and Disability flyer (in French)