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Experiences at ITM-BS

Student life

Student life at Institut Mines-Telecom Business School (IMt-BS) is rich and varied, with over 60 associations and clubs on the campus shared by IMT-BS managers and Télécom SudParis engineers.

Cultural, artistic, sports and technical associations all contribute to professional development. Every student can find a club or association on campus to suit his or her desires, projects and personality.

Association facilities and living environment

The student common room, covering an area of 1,355 square meters, houses most of the offices of associations and clubs. Nearby: a multipurpose hall and a picnic area.

Vie associative IMT-BS: Bar Absinthe

The student common room is a lively and welcoming place to gather after a day of classes, especially around the Absinthe Bar. Associations regularly host events there.

Flourish within one of the school's associations.

More than just pursuing hobbies, by getting involved in an association, you learn to work as a team, lead projects, and manage a team. It’s a true personal experience that enhances your journey. Sharing the association life with Télécom SudParis students allows for a blending of skills.

The BDE (Student Union), ASINT (Sport association), BDA (Artistic and Cultural Office) campaigns... listing them is a unique experience!

The campaign for the Student Union (BDE – Bureau des Élèves) lasts approximately 4 months. Three groups of around thirty students each compete to become the new board of the association.

The campaign concludes with 3 evenings, booths, and entertainment.

The campaign for ASINT (Sports Association) lasts for 2 months during which two groups of 30 students each prove themselves by participating in the organization of an ice skating evening, a ski weekend, the Youyou mascot’s party, and two evenings at the school’s lounge.

All the teams that participate, whether they win or lose, create bonds among their members that extend beyond the duration of their studies.

The Artistic and Cultural Office (BDA – Bureau Des Arts) organizes an internal campaign where each board member is elected through a vote.

Some examples of events organized on campus


Associations take turns organizing evenings on campus almost every month: integration night, sponsorship night, Halloween night, Christmas night, BDA night, Youyou night, the last one…

Shows, Concerts, Outings

Enjoy open stages, festivals like “Festiv’art” (also known as Arts Week), INT’s Got Talent (a competition showcasing the best talents of the school)…

Orientation Weekend

It typically takes place on the first weekend of the school year in September. The location remains a secret until the last moment!

Throughout the entire weekend, students come together and enjoy a private venue: inflatable games, water activities, bungee jumping… Two evenings are organized by campus associations

Shows, Concerts, Outings

You take advantage of open stages, festivals like “Festiv’art” (also known as Arts Week), and INT’s Got Talent (a competition featuring the school’s best talents)…


The Student Union (BDE – Bureau des Élèves) organizes an annual weekend abroad.