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Double degrees

Double degrees: boost your skills and professional appeal

Participating in a double degree program in higher education allows you to earn two degrees from two partner institutions, either in France or abroad.

This path to excellence is highly esteemed in the job market.

Indeed, students who pursue a double degree often secure employment more quickly and at a more prestigious level than those who follow a “traditional” curriculum. Their salaries are frequently higher than those of students who have pursued a single degree, as a double degree is often considered evidence of perseverance, strong work capacity, and the acquisition of a diverse range of knowledge and skills.

Double Degrees: dual skills appreciated by professionals

Double degrees are highly valued in the professional world, allowing you to develop a wide range of skills and increase your chances of success.

They are a significant asset for your future career.

Obtaining a double degree in engineering and management, from both your engineering school and a prestigious management institution like IMT-BS, empowers you to enhance both your managerial and technical competencies.

double degree earned from an engineering or management school in France and abroad will not only enrich your professional skills but also broaden your linguistic capabilities.

Graduates with double degrees often secure employment more quickly at prestigious levels and typically enjoy higher salaries compared to those who follow a traditional academic path.

Who are double degrees for?

The double degree program is offered to students as part of a Bac+5 degree program, leading to the Master’s degree. At IMT-BS, this option is available within the Grande École Program.

Furthermore, the double degree program is also available for Bac+3 (Bachelor’s degree level) courses.

At IMT-BS, the double degree program is additionally accessible for the Master of Science programs in Management of Innovation in the Digital Economy (MIDE) and International Management (IM).

Doubles diplômes Ingénieur-Manager IMT-BS

Double degree in France Engineer / Manager

Doubles diplômes Manager-Ingénieur IMT-BS

Double degree in France Engineer / Manager

Doubles diplomes IMT-BS: Bachelor (Bac +3), obtenir un double diplôme en France ou à l'international

International double degree at Bachelor's level

Bac+5: Double diplôme international

International double degree at Master's level