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Finance my studies

How to finance your studies

Institut Mines-Telecom Business School is a leading business and management school that is public and socially inclusive. It is placed under the authority of the Ministry of Economy and Finance.

Each program of studies (BachelorIntegrated Master in ManagementMaster of Science) has a different cost and can benefit from specific funding.

Admissions/inscriptions IMT-BS: Cout et financement

IMT-BS: the leading business school for digital technology, innovation and social inclusion

As an IMT-BS graduate, you will receive high salaries and enjoy a great career in France and abroad, with a focus on the challenges of responsible digital transformation and innovation management.

Not only high-quality, but also rapid and long-lasting professional integration comes in addition to tuition costs that are among the lowest of all the French business schools.

This extremely favorable ratio between financial investment on entering the program, and salary level and quality of professional integration upon graduation, is mainly due to the unique skills acquired around the management of digital transformation.

Transparent and stable tuition fees

Having a global view of the cost of your studies is essential before starting them. In keeping with its values, IMT-BS is committed to not increasing the annual tuition fees in the course of the studies.

Apprenticeship contracts at IMT-BS

Apprenticeship is a learning scheme that allows students in the Integrated Master in Management program to alternate between studies at Institut Mines-Telecom Business School and work experience in a company. 

Through apprenticeship, the student’s tuition fees are financed by the company.

Bank and bank loan

Students may apply for a student loan from Société Générale or BNP Paribas.

You have the possibility to open your French bank account in advance even if you have not yet arrived on campus. To do so, simply contact the dedicated advisor on our campus who will inform you of the procedure to follow.

Special offer for Institut Mines-Telecom Business School and Telecom SudParis:

  • Pack Sobrio associated with the Visa Premier card (deferred or immediate debit) at €1/year during 4 years (this period can be extended if you continue your studies in one of our schools).
  • International Student Option offered for 1 year, with the following advantages: exemption from fees on payments and withdrawals abroad (outside the euro zone) + access to an airport lounge if the flight is more than one hour late.

Option to be set up before the departure abroad (gap year/International Volunteer Program/internship).

Société Générale can also help you finance your studies by giving you access to the Evolutive Student Loan, at a rate of 0.8% starting at €1,000 (offer valid until 31/12/2021). This loan is available to all students on our campus, whether French or international, who have a guarantor in France.

International students who do not have a guarantor in France can obtain a loan at the Société Générale branch in their country of origin, under local conditions.

The SG Student Advisor is available every Wednesday (except during school vacations and periods of Covid), from 10:00 am to 12:00 pm in the forum, to provide you with information.

BDE – ASINT: up to €200 in advantages with your associations (membership fees, orientation weekend…)

Customer advisors dedicated to Grandes Ecoles, branch of Evry (25 cours Blaise Pascal)

Phone: 01 60 90 57 66 / email: evry.etudiants@socgen.com / Kelly Gonçalves

For more information, click HERE


BNP Paribas offers you:

  • A welcome bonus when you open your account,
  • Banking services offered for the entire duration of your studies,
  • A branch close to your school with dedicated advisors,
  • A weekly presence on your school’s premises at the beginning of the academic year.

For more information, click HERE

Student loan: what you need to know

If you need a loan, you can apply for a government-backed student loan. In collaboration with a bank network, the French State acts as a guarantor in order to help you access the loan you need. You will reimburse your loan on a deferred basis, once you have completed your studies.

Be careful not to mix it up with a zero-interest loan. In fact, the student will have to repay both the amount borrowed and the interest charged by the bank. 

It is also not a real estate loan. However, student real estate loans are available and in this case, you can dedicate the capital to your desired project. Actually, there are several similarities between the two. For example, just as mortgage insurance is required by banks, you will be asked to take out student loan insurance. Although it is not a legal requirement for a loan to be insured, you will maximize your chances of reassuring the bank by taking out an insurance policy.

ALUMNI (graduate association): loans and support

T&MA, the Alumni Association, after consultation with the heads of the Registrar’s Offices, grants loans only to 2nd and 3rd year students who apply for one. 

These loans can help those students build their professional project, often abroad.

These 0% interest loans are repayable according to the terms agreed upon by T&MA and the student.

Loan up to a maximum of €1,000.