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Challenge Projets d’Entreprendre®

Challenge Projets d’Entreprendre® is an entrepreneurship contest that involves the 2nd year students of the Integrated Master in Management program of Institut Mines-Telecom Business School, the engineering students from Télécom SudParis and the ENSIIE, and their incubator IMT Starter.

It has been held every year for 22 years.

Entreprendre à IMT-BS

One week to create your start-up

Every year, students form mixed teams of engineers and managers and set up a project for the creation of digital companies and start-ups.

This challenge is supervised by Institut Mines-Telecom Business School’s faculty members and professionals from partner companies. At the end of the week, each team must submit a video business plan and present their project in the form of a “Broadway pitch”.

So not only is it a contest, but also a massive group entrepreneurship course. The week is punctuated by coaching sessions with professionals, meetings with researchers and conferences.

Every year, more than 500 engineering and management students are taught about entrepreneurship, and some of them transform the experience in the schools’ incubator.

Méthodes et programmes pédagogiques: Challenge Projet d'Entreprendre

Teaching entrepreneurship: Towards a hybridization of engineers and managers

Developing entrepreneurial spirit is one of the objectives of IMT-BS, whether or not students have plans to create a company or a start-up. It is also an opportunity to develop their soft skills: leadership, complex problem solving, decision making, team spirit…

Through the Challenge Projets d’Entreprendre, IMT-BS promotes the dual manager-engineer culture specific to the Evry campus by having mixed engineer/manager teams work on innovative projects and information and communication technologies.