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Teaching departments

Institut Mines-Telecom Business School has four teaching departments:


Droit, Economie & Finance


Langue & Sciences Humaines


Management, Marketing & Stratégie


Technologies, Information & Management


Law, Economics & Finance (DEFI)

The Department of Law, Economics & Finance (DEFI) brings together specialists in corporate management in the following fields:

  • Accounting
  • Corporate and market finance
  • Economics
  • Law

The DEFI department offers a strong complementary expertise in Information and Communication Technologies (ICT).

The DEFI department delivers fundamental courses in economics, law and financial management as part of the Integrated Master in Management program. It offers several third-year specializations. It is also involved in the teaching delivered in programs such as the Specialized Masters, the Information Systems for Finance major, or the Masters of Science.

Foreign Languages & Humanities (LSH)

The Department of Foreign Languages and Humanities (LSH) runs a program with 4 major objectives:

  • Develop communication skills
  • Initiate the cultural and professional awareness
  • Deepen general knowledge to encourage critical thinking

Encourage autonomy and responsibility in the learning process

Faculty and Research in the LSH Department

The LSH department’s professors are members of various research teams at Institut Mines-Télécom Business School, including RUN (Representations et Uses of Digital Devices).

They are also members of external laboratories such as the LCSP of the University Paris 7 Diderot, the LinX of Ecole Polytechnique and the CETCOPRA of the University Paris 1 Sorbonne.

Management, Marketing & Strategy (MMS)

The Management, Marketing & Strategy department teaches marketing, strategy, human resource management, project management, supply chain management, innovation and entrepreneurship.

It runs 7 specialization majors for third-year students of the Integrated Master in Management:

  • Digital Marketing
  • International Business Engineering
  • Management of Innovation in the Digital Economy
  • International Marketing and Strategy
  • Digital Management of Human Resources
  • Strategic Management
  • Entrepreneurship and Innovation Management

The department coordinates two Summer School programs for international students, one focusing on the European approach to management and the other on information technology in Europe.

Research within the LSH Departement

Research conducted by the members of the LSH department is carried out within the “E-marketing and Digital Networks” and “Innovation, Globalization and Transformation” teams.

Technology, Information & Management (TIM)

Courses offered in the Technology, Information & Management (TIM) department are designed to meet the expectations of companies seeking to recruit employees whose skills are in line with their needs in the era of digital transformation.

The TIM department is at the crossroads of technical, economic, human, social and managerial disciplines. It ensures a constant link between computer science, engineering, management and organizational sciences through its activities of teaching, research and development.

The TIM Department Develops its Expertise and Know-how in 5 Main Areas

Methods and tools, project management assistance, project management, cyber security policy.

Process management, collaborative systems, integration policy, enterprise resource planning (ERP).

Decision-making information systems, knowledge management, artificial intelligence and multi-agent systems, cognitive systems, economic intelligence, big data governance and management (Big Data Analytics).

Information systems strategy, design and management of information systems, audit and evaluation of information systems.

Techno stress, digital intelligence, digital maturity of businesses, project agility, design thinking, new practices for remote work and management, emerging technologies (AI, Blockchain, IoT, Quantum…) and transformation of educational methods.

The department has developed 4 specialization majors for students in their 3rd year of the Integrated Master in Management program:

The TIM department also runs a Specialized Master’s degree (MS) in information systems for companies: the MS Consulting and Management of Information Systems.

It also contributes to the design and delivery of the Information Systems for Market Finance major (run by the DEFI department) and to the Executive Master “AI for Innovative Managers”.

Faculty within the TIM Department

To carry out its activities, the department calls on the expertise of a team composed of 14 faculty members, an assistant as well as adjunct lecturers from the professional world.

The doctoral students of the department play an active part in these activities.

The TIM department also welcomes interns at the end of their studies (from engineering schools, Research

Masters and Professional Masters), apprentices, visiting professors on sabbatical or study leave, and post-docs.

The department’s faculty members are all part of the SMART BIS team and actively participate in its innovation support laboratory IS Lab, a center of expertise dealing with business challenges.