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Teaching Chair

IMT-BS hosts a teaching chair: the Digital Inventiveness Chair.


Institut-Mines Telecom Business School and Davidson Consulting have created the first chair dedicated to teaching digital creativity: “Digital Inventiveness”, in partnership with the schools Télécom SudParis and ESAD in Reims, and with the support of the Fondation Mines-Télécom.

The Faculty and Partnerships of our Teaching Chair

Chaire d'enseignement d'IMT-BS: Flavien Bazenet et Bertrand Bailly

Flavien Bazenet, faculty member in entrepreneurship at IMT-BS and holder of the “Digital Inventiveness” Chair

Bertrand Bailly, CEO of Davidson Consulting, has chosen to support the “Digital Inventiveness” Chair under a sponsorship agreement with the Fondation Mines-Télécom.

A multidisciplinary team of professors and researchers from IMT-BS, TSP and ESAD schools.

Objectives of the IMT-BS Teaching Chair

The “Digital Inventiveness” teaching chair aims at structuring initiatives at IMT-BS and promoting new activities in order to foster creativity in the teaching process.

For this purpose, 5 priorities are identified as follows:

  • Teaching innovations
  • A top-notch education
  • An interdisciplinary degree program
  • A multidisciplinary team of professors and researchers from IMT-BS, TSP and ESAD schools
  • A network of partners committed to innovation and creativity

Teaching Objectives

  • Educate the future managers of digital creativity
  • Master creativity techniques
  • Solve complex issues in a digital environment
  • Learn to think outside the box and to multiply approaches to thinking

Training and knowledge dissemination programs

The “Digital Inventiveness” Chair includes 6 training and knowledge dissemination programs:

This multidisciplinary and inter-school program is intended for 20 selected students in design, engineering and management from the IMT-BS, Télécom SudParis and ESAD Reims schools.

It prepares students for emerging professions in digital technology, thanks to an experience-based teaching that allows them to acquire skills in management, design, and engineering of complex projects in an innovative, creative, and agile context.

This program features a strong vocational dimension, especially through the involvement of employees from partner companies, job fairs, conferences and challenges. Visits to third places, artistic creation centers, co-working spaces, fablabs and incubators are scheduled.

The Master’s program, made up of a semester of classes and a semester of immersion, opened its first graduating class in September 2018.

Challenges carried out by groups of students are based on prospective problems submitted by one or more partner companies.

During one quarter, 80 students work according to a “design-thinking” methodology, while being coached by a teaching team as well as by company experts.

“Managing digital creativity”: This massive online course is intended for students of management, design and engineering schools, as well as for professionals involved in innovative projects related to digital transformation.

Every year, this educational week brings together 500 engineering and management students in their 2nd year at Institut Mines-Telecom Business School and Télécom SudParis. It is dedicated to learning creativity techniques and innovation management. It is composed of conferences, testimonies, workshops and projects in open innovation mode proposed by the partner companies.


A white paper on digital creativity and best practices to be adopted in companies to foster intrapreneurship and internal innovation is published annually. A database of student ideas intended for partner companies has also been set up to help them find project descriptions and carry out a sectoral watch.

The Creative Design Center is a unique place dedicated to the development of student and entrepreneurial projects that promote rapid prototyping, collaboration, collective intelligence and creativity. It provides computers equipped with CAD and DTP software, project development tools, audiovisual and electronic equipment.

It is located in the heart of ETOILE, the building dedicated to Open Innovation on the IMT-BS and TSP campus, next to the IMT Starter start-up incubator, the Fab Lab and the research platforms.