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Programmes IMT-BS: Enseignement

Preparing to teach

The coordinator
(your academic contact)

  • This member of staff belongs to the teaching and research department you will be working for.

The administrative officer
(your administrative contact)

  • As a reminder, the information required to put together your admin file can be found on the home page of the e-campus web portal: https://ecampus.imtbs-tsp.eu/

If you have any questions regarding your admin file, please contact your

  • Once you have scheduled your classes with the coordinator, send the administrative officer a cost estimate along with the following required information at least 20 days before your teaching contract starts:
    • An estimate including the indication “cost estimate” or “cost proposal”.
    • The date when the estimate was issued.
    • The name of the business owner (or the company name), legal status and structure, and address.
    • The individual VAT identification number.
    • The trade register number (or trade directory number).
    • The name of the client or the company name of the client, as well as the address of the site where the teaching contract will be carried out.
    • The total cost excluding VAT, expenses, and the total cost including VAT. The different VAT rates applied must also be indicated.
    • A detailed breakdown of the quantity and price of the teaching activities required to carry out the contract. For the sake of clarity, this breakdown should also include a short description of the teaching and the unit of reference.
    • The hourly or fixed price of teaching.
    • The cost of drawing up the estimate itself, if there is a charge for it, and any travel expenses. An estimate can be charged when a contractor (adjunct lecturer) is required to travel or to carry out an in-depth study in relation to the teaching project.
    • The start date and estimated duration of the teaching provided.
    • The terms of payment, delivery and execution of the contract.
    • The terms and conditions of claims and after-sales service (guarantees in particular).

The administrative officer will then send you a purchase order form by e-mail.

Once your teaching contract has been completed, you should log on to the “Choruspro” web portal to submit your invoice, which must include the following compulsory details:

    • The date and reference number of the invoice.
    • The invoice must be stated in the name of Institut Mines-Telecom Business School.
    • The following items should be clearly indicated on the invoice :
      • Company name and address of the contractor (adjunct lecturer).
      • The contractor’s (adjunct lecturer’s) bank or post office account number (failing this, a printout of the bank account details should be supplied).
      • The designation of the teaching services should be clear and precise: nature, quantity, unit price, number of hours, hourly cost, etc.
      • The applicable VAT rate should be indicated.  The amount before tax, the amount of VAT and the amount including VAT should appear on the invoice.
      • The invoice should include the reference(s) of the purchase order and/or the contract relating to the expenditure.
      • If it is an invoice for an external lecturer and if the teaching has not been covered by an agreement, indicate in full “THIS INVOICE SERVES AS AN AGREEMENT”, otherwise attach the agreement to the invoice.

Do not hesitate to contact your administrative officer for further information about how to use Choruspro (https://chorus-pro.gouv.fr/)

Invoices are payable within 30 days.

  • As soon as your account was created, the information needed to connect to our campus tools will have been sent to your personal e-mail account.

Your IMT-BS e-mail account

You have an email forwarding address to the personal email address you gave us during the recruitment process. It takes the following form: firstname.lastname-externe@imt-bs.eu (IMT-BS). Please note that is important to communicate with your students (via the Moodle platform, in particular).

Your computer account gives you access to all the online services as well as to the computers in the practical training (TP) rooms for all the operating environments available (Linux, Windows, etc.).

WIFI: Secure access to Eduroam WIFI and to the wired network on campus (nominal 100 Mbps is possible). You will be able to use your account in all Eduroam WIFI-equipped schools.

Your teaching schedule

  • Access to the teaching schedule is via the course Information System or via the campus notice board.
  • Access to course content.

The Moodle online learning platform is configured according to the settings made by the coordinators of the courses you teach on.

  • A PC: configuration recommended by the School (Intel 5, 8GB RAM, 256GB SSD). However, it is possible to borrow a PC from the reception desk if necessary.
  • A smartphone with a standard operating system (iOS, Android, Windows)
  • Your badge: it is generated as soon as your account is created by the administrative officer.  It will be given to you upon your arrival at the reception desk on the first day of your teaching.
  • You can access the digital services catalogue via the following link:


Do not hesitate to contact the remote help desk:


  • With your ecampus access codes, you can access the Moodle Educational Support Area by clicking on the following link: https://moodle.imtbs-tsp.eu/course/view.php?id=741
  • The IT and Information Systems Department (DISI) provides IT support for all classrooms, practical training rooms and digital services. It also provides a BYOD type service limited to access to Eduroam WIFI on the adjunct lecturer’s personal computer. You can make a request for support via the Help Desk application: http://helpdesk.tem-tsp.eu

HELPDESK contact details

Reception in Room B05, from 8.15am to 12.00pm and from 12.45pm to 5.00pm.  The HelpDesk will help you solve various IT problems (WIFI access, connections, etc.).

  • Multimedia library:

You can borrow paper books, order a case study and access documentary resources, including databases.


Contact: mediatheque@imtbs-tsp.eu

  • Photocopying service:

Your requests must be approved by your coordinator. The photocopying service processes requests within 72 hours.

If you send your request by e-mail (travauximp@imtbs-tsp.eu), it is essential that you copy in your coordinator.

  • Please contact your academic coordinator to request a copy.

The Education and Training Department determines the lecturer’s teaching commitments.

  • Details of adjunct lecturers’ duties and responsibilities

Remuneration for teaching work (mentioned in the notice accompanying the contract of work) includes:

  • Course preparation (including course material).
  • Carrying out paper or online assessments.
  • Monitoring of assessments.
  • Putting teaching material or resources online on Moodle.
  • Marking assessments and submitting grades within the timeframe specified by the School Office. 
  • Organisation of assessments

The assessment guidelines must be specified on the course syllabus. Unless special instructions are given at least 15 days before the assessment, students will be authorised to use any document during the assessment.

  • Final exams and re-sits

The subjects for the two examination sessions (final exam CF1 and re-sit session CF2) must be prepared by you and submitted, in paper or electronic form, no later than 15 days before the date of the CF1 exam. (cf. academic timetable).

  • Submitting grades

Grades are submitted using the transcript provided by the school office.  Grades should be sent to the module coordinator and/or the school office within a maximum of 3 weeks following the date of the assessment.

  • You should submit your special request by e-mail to reception 48 hours before your lesson (point-accueil@imtbs-tsp.eu) or contact the School Office/your coordinator.
    • PC
    • Video projector
    • Video camera
    • Camera
    • Mac connexion cable
    • HDMI connexion cable

Thanks to your computer account, you can connect your PC or one borrowed at reception to WIFI via the EDUROAM network.

  • Fire: 18 / 112
  • Infirmary:
  • First Aid: 36 36 / 01 60 76 41 00
  • Security: 06 08 70 75 33
  • Security guard:

Useful information for D-Day

Useful information for D-Day

  • Our Campus entrance is located 9, rue Charles Fourier in Evry-Courcouronnes.  When you arrive on our campus for the first time, you will need to take two steps to have physical access:
    • Present yourself at the security post
    • As an adjunct lecturer arriving on Campus, you must go to Reception.  The reception desk team will give you any information you require and give you your badge. You will also be able to borrow any computer and audio-visual equipment you may need.

Campus map

  • Coming by Car

Your badge allows you to open the barrier located on the rue Charles Fourier side of the Campus.

Your vehicle must be parked in the visitor car park.

  • Coming on Foot

Your badge gives you access to the Campus via a turnstile on the side of rue Charles Fourier (RER D – Bras de Fer) or on the side of Bld des Coquibus (RER D – Évry – Courcouronnes).

You can have lunch in the campus restaurant at the visitor’s rate upon presentation of your badge and payment in cash or by credit card.


All classrooms are equipped with a video projector, but not with computers.

If you do not have a laptop, you can book one at reception.

You must make your reservation request by e-mail to reception 48 hours in advance (point-accueil@imtbs-tsp.eu), or to the School Office/coordinator.

  • Collection and return of equipment is done at the reception desk from 7.30 am to 6.30 pm.

You can also borrow whiteboard marker pens, a microphone if you are teaching in a lecture hall, PC, video projector, video camera, camera, Mac connector cable, HDMI connector cable, etc.

You can connect with your computer account to the PCs available in rooms and to the laptops collected at the reception desk.

A “How to use the audio-visual equipment” notice can be found next to each video projector case.

matériel audio vidéo

In the case of technical problems, contact the HELPDESK on: (01 60 76) 66 99 from 7.50 a.m. to 12 noon and from 2 p.m. to 3 p.m.

  • Fire: 18 / 112
  • Infirmary:
  • First Aid: 36 36 / 01 60 76 41 00
  • Security: 06 08 70 75 33
  • Security guard: