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The Integrated Master in Management Program of Institut Mines-Telecom Business School

The IMT-BS Integrated Master in Management program is spread over 3 years.

Parcours du PGE en trois années

1st year of the IMM program: pre-master's cycle or L3
"The fundamentals"

The first year of the Integrated Master in Management program is called IMM L3 or pre-master cycle

It includes up to 600 hours of courses and allows the student to earn 63 ECTS (European Credit Transfer System) credits.

It is focused on the discovery of fundamental knowledge of management and business and the acquisition of analytical tools.

Highlights in the First Year of the IMM

  • Teaching: you will master the fundamentals in the fields of marketing, law, finance, accounting, economics, computer science, telecommunications, corporate governance, collaborative tools, data, human resources management and human sciences.                          
  • Compulsory 10-week internship in a company in France or abroad.
  • A “Leadership and Ecological Transition” seminar that takes place in early September: 3 days during which you select, as a team, a local/regional case on which you work to propose solutions with the objective of “zero greenhouse gas emissions”.

2nd year of the IMM program: M1 of the master cycle
Role of the manager

This second year includes up to 420 hours of courses. It allows students to validate 60 ECTS (European Credit Transfer System) credits.

Modularity of the program: in the second year of the IMM, you choose the track that corresponds to your interests. 

  • French track:

– 1st semester dedicated to the fundamentals.
– 2nd semester : either you go on an academic exchange (study semester in a partner university abroad), or you stay at ITM-BS and take the 2nd semester of courses.

  • English Track:

All courses are taught in English. This track is intended for students with a B2 level in English.

– A 12-month course of study during the Master 2 year (M2) only (3rd year of the IMM program), or

– A 24-month course of study during the Master 1 year (M1) + Master 2 year (M2) (2nd and 3rd years of the IMM program)*.

Pace: work-study

M1 (Sept. to Sept.): 1 week of classes per month on campus, the rest of the time in the company.

M2 (Sept. to Sept.): 1 week of classes per month on the Evry campus or in Paris depending on the chosen major, the rest of the time in the company.

* If you are enrolled in the 24-month program, you must follow one of the 6 majors offered in apprenticeship as part of the M2 (see details of the majors offered in apprenticeship).*

Highlights in the Second Year of the IMM

  • Semaine de la créativité et de l’innovation (Creativity and Innovation Week), early November. 5 days to learn how to place creativity and innovation at the heart of the skills, cultures, and behaviors. In mixed teams of managers and engineers, you are challenged to think outside the box and develop ideation. 
  • Challenge Projets d’Entreprendre® (end of March). The largest contest of entrepreneurial projects in higher education in France. 5 days to build and pitch a startup project in mixed teams of managers and engineers.
  • Seminar “Débuter sa carrière à l’international” (Starting your career abroad), in January. This experience prepares you for the challenges of the international professional world, in an intercultural context.

3rd year of the IMM program: M2 of the master cycle
Professional learning - Specialization through a major

The final year or Master 2 (M2) of the Integrated Master in Management program fine-tunes your studies with the choice of a specialization.

This third year of the IMM program offers several possibilities:

And what about a gap year?

Programme Grande Ecole IMT-BS: Année de césure

The “gap year” is optional. It allows students to temporarily put their studies on hold in view of gaining personal or professional experience. It makes it possible for them to either go abroad on a university exchange or to gain significant experience in a company

Generally, the gap year takes place between Master 1 and Master 2, but other possibilities are also available.

The IMT-BS Career Center will advise and support you every step of the way as you build your project.

Requirements to obtain the master's degree from our Business School

The students must have:

  • Completed 2 internships:

-A 12-week internship in the 1st year; a 24-week internship in the 3rd year.

-Newly enrolled 2nd year IMM students are not required to do the first year internship.

  • Validated all teaching units and thus obtained 180 ECTS credits / 120 ECTS credits for students enrolled from the 2nd year.
  • Obtained an independent certification in English, i.e. 785 points on the TOEIC.
  • Spent 24 weeks abroad (internship, university exchange or gap year).