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Registration at IMT-BS

You have chosen to join Institut Mines-Telecom Business School and have successfully completed the selection process. You must now proceed to the next step and finalize your registration. We are with you every step of the process.

You will also find all the necessary information for your re-enrolment to continue your studies at IMT-BS.


For further information: https://www.imt-bs.eu/en/admissions

First time registration at IMT-BS

The administrative registration procedure is only available online, starting in mid-July.

  • Bachelor
  • MIM (Passerelle 1 and 2, BCE test bank entrance exam, Mines Telecom entrance exam, double degrees…)

The procedure is similar for French and international students, only the documents to be provided are different.

Once your admission has been confirmed, you will receive an email with your login and password to access the online registration.


For French students

The re-registration procedure is available every year from mid-July.

It is similar for French and international students, only the documents to be provided are different.

Only students who have received a favorable decision from the Academic Jury may enroll.
Those whose application will be reassessed will have to wait for the final decision of their Jury.

Civil liability

A civil liability insurance is required upon registration.

You must be insured for any damage you may cause to others during the entire time you are on campus: for courses, internships, exams, retake exams, or associative activities.

The insurance certificate must include the place and dates of coverage, and each student must be covered at least until the end of the academic year (August 31).

Beware of duplicate insurance, the liability insurance is sometimes, but not always, included in your home insurance, student health insurance, bank insurance, etc. This information should be carefully checked with each insurance company involved.

CVEC : Contribution to Student and Campus Life

Payment of the CVEC fee is mandatory for all students, whether or not they receive a scholarship.

If you benefit from a scholarship, you can request a refund of the CVEC contribution by presenting your scholarship notification.

It is not mandatory for exchange students.