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Research at IMT-BS

Research chairs

A chair works in collaboration with sponsoring organizations (companies, local communities, institutions or associations). It develops specific teaching and research programs in the areas of the School’s academic expertise, in synergy with the research areas of the Institut Mines-Télécom.

Chairs bring together research excellence and support from industry for social, economic and technological innovation.

Institut Mines Telecom Business School holds 3 research chairs: the Values and Policies of Personal Information Chair, the Good in Tech Chair and the Augmented Operating Room Chair.

Values and Policies of Personal Information Chair (VPIP Chair)

Objectives of the VPIP Chair

This chair aims to help companies, citizens and public authorities to reflect on the collection, use and sharing of personal information in a multidisciplinary way.

Its scope encompasses all information concerning individuals (private life, professional activities, digital identities, posts on social networks, etc.) including information collected by smart objects (smartphones, home automation, smart meters, connected televisions or smart toys such as NFC, etc.).

Main Research Areas of the VPIP Chair

This area explores how digital technology allows individuals to choose the way they appear to others and the various information that can be collected and transmitted.

This area covers issues of trust and the interaction between legal developments and technological systems.

This area explores how individuals contribute, voluntarily or not, to the sharing of their information.

This area looks at how the Internet of Things influences, through its uses, the legal regime applicable to personal information, while at the same time considering the associated ethical aspects.

This area explores the criteria for evaluating systems, products or services that deal with personal information from a technical, legal, economic and ethical point of view.

Partners of the VPIP Chair

The VPIP Chair is supported by Dassault Systèmes, BNP Paribas, Orange, Sopra Steria, Qwant, the Imprimerie Nationale and the CNIL, the French Government’s Interministerial Office for Digital Technology and Information and Communication Systems (DINSIC), placed under the authority of the Prime Minister and the Fondation Mines Télécom.

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Publications of the VPIP Chair

The members of the VPIP Chair have published nearly 80 papers, dossiers and reports in scientific journals, collective works or in the general press. This wide range of media reflects the diversity of the audiences covered: experts and researchers, public authorities, business leaders, students and citizens. 

The variety of topics covered demonstrates the complexity of the issues surrounding personal information.

Good in Tech Chair

Objectives of the Good in Tech Chair

The Good in Tech Chair aims at rethinking innovation and technology as drivers of a better world, for and by humans.

It creates new knowledge and contributes to the dissemination of this knowledge in academic and pedagogical circles, but also among companies, decision-makers, regulators and the general public.   

The Good in Tech Chair intends to bring the results of its work and the structured, multi-stakeholder debates it organizes to the level of national and European political institutions, with the purpose of influencing public policies.

Major Research Areas of the Good in Tech Chair

  • What measures for responsible digital innovation?

What are the dimensions and measures for responsible digital innovation? How to embed responsible digital innovation into corporate digital social responsibility?

  • How to develop responsible technologies “by design”?

How to avoid data bias? How to develop responsible technologies “by design”?

  • Reinventing the future

What society for tomorrow in a digital world? How to reinvent the future in a spirit faithful to the Lumières, and to safeguard the principle of equality applied to the connected world?

  • Governance of responsible innovation and technologies

What are the governance mechanisms for responsible digital innovation? What are the appropriate levels of this governance: Europe, Nation, Company?

Partners of the Good in Tech Chair

The Good in Tech Chair was created with the support of the Fondation du Risque of the Louis Bachelier Group, in partnership with the Télécom SudParis and Télécom Paris graduate engineering schools. It is also sponsored by Groupe FNOR, CGI, Danone, Fabernovel, Sycomore Asset Management and AG2R.

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Augmented Operating Room Innovation Chair (BOPA)

The “Augmented Operating Room” Innovation Chair (BOPA) identifies issues in the surgical room and provides human and technological solutions, such as transforming the way errors are dealt with in surgery or increasing the professionals’ skills by accelerating the use of digital technology in the operating room.

By modernizing the operating room from a human and technological point of view, the BOPA stakeholders intend to transform the way in which the surgical act is analyzed and learned.

The BOPA Chair speeds up the development of digital technologies, whether in the pipeline or already in use, that can enhance the senses (sight, speech and touch) of the various actors working in the operating room. These practice improvement tools are being tested in a 158 m2 facility – including a “mock operating room” – made available by the Paul-Brousse AP-HP hospital. These tools are finalized and then quickly approved in the operating room of the Hepatobiliary Center, which is the leading liver transplant center in France.

Major Research Areas of the BOPA Chair

  • Surgeon preparation, pre-surgery planning
  • Remote expertise and young surgeons’ training
  • Enrichment of morbidity and mortality reports
  • “Reverse search”
  • Objective assessment of the quality of surgical care in the operating room
  • Composite confidence index in the operating room
  • Health funding, insurance pressure

Partners of the BOPA Chair

BOPA is funded by the Fondation de l’AP-HP and the Fondation Mines-Télécom, thanks to the sponsorship of Sham (Relyens group) and Boston Scientific Foundation Europe on the one hand, and Orange Healthcare, Medtronic and Richard Wolf on the other hand. They support the project for a period of four years and commit themselves to annual contributions. In addition, Getinge and Capgemini Invent have donated skills and equipment.