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Responsible and Inspiring Leaders : 2 IMT-BS Alumni are ranked 1st and 12th in the Positive Planet ranking

Positive planet

Positive Planet is a solidarity organization aiming to fight against exclusion and unemployment on territories through a key approach: entrepreneurship. It has just unveiled its ranking of the 35 responsible and inspiring leaders for 2022. It featured those who are making the world a fairer, more inclusive and more sustainable place to live for the future generations.

Two Institut Mines-Telecom Business School alumni drew the jury's attention: Anthony Babkine, a 2011 graduate and 1st in the ranking, and Loubna Ksibi, a 2014 graduate and ranked 12th.

Anthony Babkine: 1st in the ranking - Digital technology as a booster of diversity

As the founder of Diversidays, an association that uses digital technology as a tool for inclusion, Anthony is ranked first in the top 35 of the “young positive leaders”.

Entrepreneur social et professionnel du numérique, il s’engage pour davantage d’inclusion et de diversité dans le monde de la Tech. En 2017, il cofonde avec Mounira Hamdi, rencontrée sur les bancs de l’école, Diversidays dont l’objectif est de faire émerger les talents sous-représentés ou discriminés dans les métiers et entreprises du numérique. A la fois engagé et tourné vers l’avenir, il a été choisi par Positive Planet pour sa compréhension des enjeux et les réponses qu’il apporte au sein de Diversidays.

in the Tech world. In 2017, he co-founded Diversidays with Mounira Hamdi, whom he met on the school benches. The objective of this association is to promote the emergence of underrepresented or discriminated talents in the digital professions and companies. Committed as well as future-oriented, he was chosen by Positive Planet for his ability to understand the issues at stake and for the answers he provides within Diversidays.

A graduate of Institut Mines-Telecom Business School and Celsa Paris-Sorbonne, Anthony Babkine started his career in the digital industry as deputy director of TBWA Corporation, then as director of the MBA in digital communication and commentator on BFM Business. Anthony was born and raised in Evry-Courcouronnes in the Essonne department until he obtained his Master’s degree at IMT-BS.

Loubna Ksibi: 12e in the ranking - Revealing the talents of the underprivileged

Loubna Ksibi is passionate about helping others. She was chosen by the jury for her two-fold social commitment, uncovering talents in the disadvantaged neighborhoods with Startup Banlieue, as well as those of women with Meet my Mama!

Loubna Ksibi

With her solidarity catering service, Meet My Mama, that she co-founded with Donia Souad Amamra (3rd in the ranking) and Youssef Oudahman, she wants these “mamas” to free themselves from the label of “foreigner” they have been given. Her goal is to help them become “self-employed entrepreneurs” by showcasing their talents, in order to fight against “stereotypical identities with all their clichés”.

After a Bachelor’s degree in Management & New Technologies at Institut Mines-Telecom Business School, she obtained a work-study position in IBM’s artificial intelligence department during her Master’s degree at the University of Paris-Dauphine. Then concurrently with her first job at PwC, she served on the National Digital Council (CNNum) for two years (2018-2020). In 2019, she appeared in the Forbes ranking of the 30 Under 30 European Entrepreneurs. In 2016, she co-founded Meet My Mama, and the following year launched Startup Banlieue, whose goal is to make entrepreneurship accessible to young people from the suburbs. For the past four years, she has been entirely dedicated to Meet My Mama.

“Institut Mines-Telecom Business School places diversity as well as social and environmental responsibility at the heart of its educational project. From the beginning, the School has been developing world-impacting leaders who have incorporated the issues of inclusion and positive impact into their professional projects. We are extremely proud to see these talents being acknowledged in this ranking and we support their projects. They are examples for our current students and those who will be joining us in September and beyond,” enthused.

Cout de la scolarité du PGE: Denis Guibard, Directeur d'IMT-BS

Denis Guibard

Director of IMT-BS.

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