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Bachelor in Management Sciences – Management and New Technologies

The Bachelor in Management Sciences – Degree in Management and New Technologies from Institut Mines-Telecom Business School (IMT-BS) allows you to acquire strong management skills in a responsible technological and digital context.

The IMT-BS Bachelor’s degree is a three-year post-baccalaureate diploma awarded by a Grande Ecole of management.

We educate you to become responsible and innovative managers and entrepreneurs.

The Bachelor’ program Management and New Technologies will provide you with in-depth skills in business administration, management, economics, marketing, communication and information systems, as well as give you the opportunity to open up to innovative sectors.

Doubles diplomes IMT-BS: Bachelor (Bac +3), obtenir un double diplôme en France ou à l'international

Why choose the IMT-BS Bachelor Management and New Technologies?

The Bachelor's degree from a leading public business school

You will benefit from the reputation of a business school historically linked to digital technology. Since its creation in 1979, Institut Mines-Telecom Business School has been known for its expertise in technological and managerial transformations.

IMT-BS is one of France’s leading business schools, preparing you for the careers of tomorrow.

IMT-BS is the only management school of Institut Mines Telecom, a group of seven engineering schools in France.

Upon successful completion of your three-year program, you will obtain an undergraduate (Bac+3) degree from a public institution.
The Bachelor in Management Sciences – Diploma in Management and New Technologies of IMT-BS is accredited and delivered by the French Ministry of Economy and Finance. It confers a Bachelor’s degree granted by the DGESIP after approval by the CEFDG.

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The guarantee for an outstanding employability and a stepping stone for the future

You will live on the same campus as the engineers of Telecom SudParis. You will share the same premises, be accommodated on the same campus, be involved in the same associations, share common projects… This mix of managers and engineers allows you to combine the technological fields with your managerial decision-making.

The Bachelor’s degree at IMT-BS offers a comprehensive education focused on the professions of tomorrow. Students acquire skills applicable to new technologies and the digital economy.

The career opportunities are many and varied.

The program includes courses in information technology, artificial intelligence, product development, project management, finance, accounting…

You can start your career in sales, marketing, advertising, communication (publishing, audiovisual, information, etc.), information services… 

With its focus on “New Technologies”, our Bachelor’s degree will open up the doors to promising and innovative sectors, such as digital technology.

Those three years in the Bachelor program will allow you to build your professional project.

After obtaining your Bachelor’s degree, you can:

The IMT-BS Bachelor program is intensive and varied both in terms of teaching and pedagogical approaches. It allows you to obtain 180 ECTS credits just like a bachelor’s degree.

  • An innovative and project-based pedagogy, focused on experimentation

The teaching methods of the IMT-BS Bachelor program are designed to meet the current and future needs of companies.
During your three-year studies in the Bachelor program, you will be involved in concrete and professional projects and you will develop the necessary teamwork skills.

The teaching is based on a learning by doing” pedagogy, a project-based pedagogy.

Multimedia workshops are offered in the 1st and 2nd years of the program. You will make an advertising video, create a blog, a website, digital marketing tools… You will also take part in the Semaine du Leadership (“In the shoes of a future manager), in the Innovation Game (“Take up responsible innovation challenges”), in Serious Games (a week of “learning through play”)…

  • Mentoring and customized support

Classes in the IMT-BS Bachelor program are on a human scale. Depending on the years, the Bachelor program has classes of 50 to 80 students divided into 2 main groups.

You are divided into small working groups (coaching groups of 4-5 students).

  • A team of expert professors

The teaching staff of the Bachelor program Management and New Technologies come from the academic or professional world.

  • Four certifications are offered within the Bachelor program of our Business School:

– TOSA: very advanced mastery of Excel software
– SULITEST: fundamentals in terms of sustainable development and both individual and organizational responsibility
– TOEIC or TOEFL: English language tests recognized by companies and universities all over the world
– Certification Le Robert: for a perfect written communication

Engineer-manager mix
Preparing you for the jobs of the future
Quality of education
A project-based pedagogy, learning by doing, work groups...
A project-based pedagogy, learning by doing, work groups...
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An American-style campus and a vibrant student life​

You will live on a 6-hectare campus where you will find everything you need to enjoy a fulfilling and rich educational experience.

Accommodation on site, numerous associations, sports activities, etc.

60+ clubs and associations
Numerous sports and facilities on campus
900+ accomodations on campus
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Professionalization: internships or work-study program

The IMT-BS Bachelor's degree: a strong international outlook

The Bachelor program at IMT-BS enables you to evolve in an international environment.

In the second year, 50% of the courses are taught in English (in semester 1).

In the class, you are mixed with international students coming from all over the world.

If you choose the student status (classic program), you may complete a 2 to 3 month language stay in the 2nd year.

In the 3rd year, one academic semester is spent abroad.

If you choose the apprentice status (work-study program), you will spend the 1st semester of your 2nd year abroad.

You will follow the program of your choice, approved by the School, in one of  IMT-BS’ partner universities. The list of destinations is released at the end of the first year for a departure in January.

In order to graduate, you will have to obtain one of the two language certifications recognized in the academic and professional world: the TOEIC and the TOEFL.
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How do you get into the program and what academic paths await you?

News about the Bachelor program Management and New Technologies