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Bachelor in Management Sciences – Management and New Technologies

The Bachelor in Management Sciences – Diploma in Management and New Technologies from Institut Mines-Telecom Business School (IMT-BS) allows you to acquire strong management competencies in a responsible technological and digital context.

As a leading business school, IMT-BS offers you this multidisciplinary, career-oriented program with innovative teaching methods.

Upon successful completion of the three years of the Bachelor in Management Sciences – Diploma in Management and New Technologies, you will have acquired the keys to enter the job market in growing sectors, in France or abroad. You can also choose to continue your studies in a Master‘s degree program at a Grande École or university, in France or abroad, in order to obtain a five-year degree or higher.

The IMT-BS Bachelor program is intensive and multifaceted in terms of both teaching and learning approaches. It allows you to obtain 180 ECTS credits equivalent to a Bachelor's degree (licence).

Why choose the IMT-BS Bachelor Management and New Technologies?

We educate you to become a responsible and innovative manager and entrepreneur.

By choosing the Bachelor program Management and New Technologies, you will acquire the fundamentals of business administration, management, economics, marketing, communication, information systems, and you will open up to innovative sectors. 

You will join a Grande École ranked among the top French business and management schools. 

You will benefit from the reputation of a school historically linked to digital technology. Since its creation in 1979, Institut Mines-Telecom Business School has been known for its expertise in technological and managerial transformations.

The advantages of our Business School's Bachelor program​

Upon successful completion of your three-year program, you will obtain an undergraduate (Bac+3) degree from a public institution.
The Bachelor in Management Sciences – Diploma in Management and New Technologies of IMT-BS is accredited and delivered by the French Ministry of Economy and Finance. It confers a bachelor’s degree granted by the DGESIP after approval by the CEFDG

You will live on the same campus as the engineers of Telecom SudParis. You will share the same premises, be accommodated on the same campus, be involved in the same associations, share common projects… This manager-engineer blend allows you to combine the technological fields with your managerial decisions.

The Bachelor program is designed to ensure rapid integration into the job market. It is intended to promote your employability

There are two possible admission paths: an apprentice status track and a student status track. Both are professionalizing as they give priority to professional experience through internships and/or work-study experience.

  • 1st year: mandatory 2 to 3-month internship
  • 2nd year: for the classical curriculum (under student status): optional professional or linguistic internship of 2 to 3 months.
    For the apprenticeship curriculum (under apprentice status): 1st semester in class; 2nd semester abroad
  • 3rd year: for the classical curriculum (under student status): mandatory 6-month internship. 
    For the apprenticeship curriculum (under apprentice status): 1st and 2nd semester on a work-study basis (1 week in class / 3 weeks in the company).

The Bachelor program at IMT-BS enables you to evolve in an international environment:

  • In the second year, 50% of the courses are delivered in English (in semester 1). You will be integrated into the class with international students coming from all over the world.
  • If you choose the Student Status (classic program), you may complete a 2 to 3 month language internship in the 2nd year. In the 3rd year, you will spend an academic semester abroad.
  • If you opt for the Apprentice Status (work-study basis), you will spend the first semester of your second year abroad. You will follow the program of your choice, approved by the School, in one of the IMT-BS partner universities. The list of destinations is released at the end of the first year for a departure in January.
  • In order to graduate, you will have to obtain one of the two language certifications recognized in the academic and professional world: the TOEIC and the TOEFL.

The teaching methods of the IMT-BS Bachelor program are designed to meet the current and future needs of companies.

During your three-year studies in the Bachelor program, you will be involved in concrete and professional projects and you will develop the necessary teamwork skills.

The teaching is based on a learning by doing” pedagogy, a project-based pedagogy.

A few examples:

  • Multimedia workshops are offered in the 1st and 2nd years of the program. You will make an advertising video, create a blog, a website, digital marketing tools…
  • Semaine du Leadership: in the shoes of a future manager
  • Innovation Game: take up responsible innovation challenges
  • Serious Game: a week of “learning through play”

Classes in the IMT-BS Bachelor program are on a human scale.

Depending on the years, the Bachelor program has classes of 50 to 80 students divided into 2 main groups.

You are divided into small working groups (coaching groups of 4-5 students).

The teaching staff of the Bachelor program Management and New Technologies come from the academic or professional world.

Those three years will allow you to build your professional project.
After obtaining your Bachelor’s degree, you can choose to continue your studies two more years for a five-year (Master’s level) degree in a Grande Ecole or at the university, at IMT-BS or in one of our partner universities around the world.


You will live on a 6-hectare campus where you will find everything you need to enjoy a fulfilling and rich educational experience.

Accommodation on site, numerous associations, sports activities, etc.

  • TOSA: very advanced mastery of Excel software
  • SULITEST: fundamentals in terms of sustainable development and both individual and organizational responsibility
  • TOEICor TOEFL: English language tests recognized by companies and universities all over the world
  • Le Robert Certification: for a perfect written communication

How do you enroll in the program and what path awaits you?

All about campus and student life during your Bachelor program


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