Outdoor bootcamp for leaders

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Institut Mines-Télécom Business School, with Saint-Cyr Formation Continue, organizes a three-day outdoor bootcamp in Chambéry from 10th to 12th, february 2020. This new short program is a way, for the participants, to develop leadership in a complex and uncertain environment.

Program :

  • 8 to 11 concrete scenarios, in teams of 8 to 12 supervised by a mentor;
  • A debriefing led by the mentors after each simulation;
  • 1 military leader’s testimony on « optimizing human potential »;
  • Times of conviviality and sharing;
  • 2 sessions of transposition into the context of management ;
  • 1 synthesis to establish a roadmap.

Some scenarios involve physical solicitation. They are valuable as a tool educational and are not mandatory. The level of these activities is appropriate and accessible to the abilities of the participants, even if they are not very athletic.