Saint Cyr outdoor bootcamp for leaders

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Three days of “atypical” work, outside Paris and mainly “outdoor”, in groups and individually, to develop leadership in a complex and uncertain environment:
Three key points :
– the adventure must be confusing;
– the creation of a community of trust is essential;
– goodwill and willingness are required.

Feb 10/12th


Graduated from Ensimag and INSEAD, Jean-Philippe has been supporting companies in their strategic and operational challenges in the field of digital transformation. He is passionate about new technology and entrepreneurship. Jean-Philippe is the Directeur of the Executive MBA of IMT-BS and lecturer at HEC on new technologies and prospective for over 5 years. After having founded, developed and sold InovenAltenor (to Orange – The French leading Telco operator), he develops today, a startup specialized in BtB Artificial Intelligence .

  • 500 EUROS + Trajet

By living a strong and offbeat experience, the goal is to:

– Encourage the creation of TEAM SPIRIT within and between cohorts, sharing the same culture and a professional community ;

– Develop collective situational intelligence and collaborative operating methods;

– Strengthen decision-making and action capacity in degraded environments.

Progam :

– To Improve analytical, decision-making and action capacities in new situations;

– To Develop the values of solidarity, mutual aid and a sense of solidarity;

– To foster a sense of collective action, commitment and surpassing oneself;

– To Facilitate the integration of each other and mutual goodwill in the service of promotion;

– To Develop the release and intelligence of personal and collective situations.

The training is structured around the following program:

– 8 to 11 concrete scenarios, in teams of 8 to 12 supervised by a mentor;

– A debriefing led by the mentors after each simulation;

– 1 military leader’s testimony on “optimizing human potential”;

– Times of conviviality and sharing;

– 2 sessions of transposition into the context of management ;

– 1 synthesis to establish a roadmap.

Accessibility of activities / prerequisites:

– Some scenarios involve physical solicitation. They are valuable as a tool

educational and are not mandatory. The level of these activities is appropriate and

accessible to the abilities of the participants, even if they are not very athletic;

– The activities take place in the mountains in winter. Climatic conditions can be

rigorous (snow, cold, etc.)

Bac + 3 years minimum – 5 years’ professional experience minimum – English B2

necessary medical certificate

jp couturier IMT-BS

Jean Philippe COUTURIER

Entrepreneur, Adjunct Professor and International Lecturer

saint cyr formation IMT-BS