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Charter for equality and sharing of good practices

Charter for gender equality

Since 2013, IMT-BS has been a signatory of the Charter for Gender Equality (Charte pour l’égalité femmes-hommes) of the Conférence des Grandes Ecoles. By signing this charter, the School asserts its commitment to implementing a sustainable policy of equality in this area.

The text of the Charter states that “Equality between women and men is a fundamental right for all and a core value for democracy. By signing this text, the School asserts its will to implement a sustainable policy for equality in this field.

CPED (Standing Conference of Gender Equality and Diversity Officers)

Réseaux référentiel et chartes IMT-BS: CPED


In particular, the CPED contributed to the creation of the anti-discrimination Kit:

Download the Kit

Increase the attractivity of digital training and jobs for women

Scholarships and trophies

ExcELLEncia Trophy

IMT-BS is a partner of the ExcELLEncia Trophy, whose objective is to promote the digital sector among young women. The laureates’ tuition is financed in one of the partner schools.

The Women in Leadership scholarship

img-6The Women in Leadership scholarship: Women are usually underrepresented in management positions and more specifically in the digital and innovation sectors. This scholarship is intended to encourage women to enroll in the IMT-BS MSc programs.

Scholarships can be awarded for amounts up to €5,000. Applications for the Women in Leadership Scholarship are made at the same time as the MSc applications and the results are communicated with the admission results.

Rate of feminization of the programs

Programs Student enrollment 2020-2021 % of women
Bachelor 156 30.10%
Integrated Master in Management program 1190 48.70%
MSc International Management 85 35.30%
Msc Management of Innovation in the Digital Economy 9 22.20%
MSc Aeromat Innovation 21 28.60%
MSc Engineer Manager in the Digital Environment 27 18.50%
MS Consulting and Management in IS 5 40.00%
MS International Affairs Engineering 18 11.10%
MS Digital Marketing 5 40.00%
MS Data Protection Management 14 57.10%
Executive Master Artificial Intelligence 11 45.50%


Gender diversity in digital professions

MOOC “La mixité dans les métiers du numérique” by Gender@IMT

Launched by the Gender@IMT teaching and research team in March 2018, this MOOC introduces the unrecognized contribution of women in research, in software entrepreneurship and in the digital professions. It analyzes the construction processes of gendered stereotypes related to ICT and identifies the trends that lead to the deconstruction of these stereotypes.

Partnership with Elles Bougent

The association Elles bougent, of which IMT-BS is a partner, aims to strengthen gender diversity in companies in the industrial or digital sectors.

Equality and fight against sexual and gender-based violence

Gender equality

IMT equality action plan

In accordance with the law of August 6, 2019 on the transformation of the Public Service and the decree 2020-528 of May 4, 2020 defining the terms and conditions for the elaboration and implementation of action plans on professional equality in the Public Service, the IMT has developed an action plan in favor of equal treatment between men and women and has included the issue of equal remuneration in its compensation policy. This plan is intended to reinforce existing measures that contribute to encouraging professional equality between men and women: parenting support measures, a specific salary catch-up plan for those whose salaries have fallen behind.

IMT equality action plan 2021-2023

Social report 2021

Feminization rate by family

Promotion rates

Remuneration differences

Fight against SGBV

The issue of sexual and gender-based violence (SGBV) is at the heart of the School’s concerns. In response to this violence, IMT-BS has strengthened its action plan, with prevention and support measures, as well as a protocol for sanctions. It supports students and staff who have been victims of or have witnessed sexual and gender-based violence and encourages the reporting of information and alerts.

In 2015, a gender equality liaison officer was appointed on campus, for both schools. Since 2021, each of the schools, Institut Mines-Telecom Business School and Telecom SudParis, has appointed its own liaison officer. Both of them work in close collaboration for the prevention of SGBV (sexual and gender-based violence) and the collective reflection on issues of gender equality.

A variety of resources have been provided to students and staff:

See the section:
How to prevent sexual and gender-based violence

In addition to the actions taken by the schools on equality and the prevention of SGBV, the equality officers of both schools and the student associations In&Act and Equallity have set up a space for discussion on the subject of gender equality in a broad sense. It consists in a meeting once a month from 5:30 pm to 6:30 pm on Tuesday in a classroom close to the media library, where a resource base will be dedicated to the subject.

This space is aimed at anyone, whether staff or students, who is interested in issues of gender diversity, equality and fight against discrimination. The first edition took place on November 8, 2022 on the theme of sexism in the company.

This space for dialogue should also allow for a better visibility of the actions taken on this topic by the Schools’ equality advisors and by the students’ associations.

For example, every Wednesday at 8:30 pm, In&Act hosts debates that are open to all. Those of September 2022 were about bisexuality and pinkwhashing.

Every Thursday at 6:30 pm, Equallity addresses the history of feminism, of abortion, or questions about biological sex…


The Gender @IMT teaching and research group

Gender@IMT is a teaching and research group on gender issues. The main area of research is the relationship between gender and technology, in particular the construction and maintenance of a disparity between women and men in studies and professions related to information and communication technologies. Some of the topics studied include:

For further information: https://gender.wp.imt-bs.eu/

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