Three IMT-BS researchers bring their expertise to France’s Great National Debate

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It’s often said that online platforms (such as Amazon, AirBnB, PriceMinister, e-marketplaces, etc.) are uberizing the French economy. This digital revolution can give the impression – rightly or wrongly – that it will negatively affect French companies and their employees. Understanding these complex challenges is clearly at the heart of the teaching students receive at IMT’s Business School.

But in terms of social innovation and citizenship, these platforms can also be a great way to mobilize energies and ideas based on the ‘crowd sourcing’ model. Through extensive and meticulous analysis and research, Cédric Gossart, Muge Ozman and Mélissa Boudes, three permanent members of the school’s faculty and the Digital Social Innovations (ISN) research chair, can finally report on the diversity of contributions made to France’s Great National Debate and expressed on one of these platforms.

Their results reveal 6 key themes: ‘environment’, ‘society’, ‘economic’, ‘stakeholders and sectors’, ‘politicians’ and ‘institutions’. One of the most striking results is that  ‘environment’ only accounts for 8% of all contributions, whilst ‘society’ and ‘economic’ came out on top with 20% and 30% of contributions respectively.

You can read a full summary (in French) of the project here, which was carried out in partnership with Politizr, the leading Civic Tech platform in France, which is also part of the social entrepreneurs movement :

For more information about this work, its methodologies and objectives, or if you wish to discuss and work with the expert authors of this report, please don’t hesitate to contact them by email :







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Cédric Gossart : @gossartcedric
Müge Ozman : @muge_ozman
Mélissa Boudes : @Mel_Boudes