Charles Egert (IMT-BS) : the use of streaming media in how we experience culture and identity

Charles Egert, research assistant professor at Institut Mines-Telecom Business School explains how the use of streaming media has an impact on identity and culture in an article « Debat : How Streaming Media could change our minds on cultural differences » published on The Conversation website.

To explain the link between streaming media and culture, Charles Egert compares the 50’s to today : « only print media could provide us with these cultural parts in the form of insightful mediations ». For example, Kwame Anthony Appiah, in his latest book The Lies that bind : Rethinking Identity « tells his amazement as a child as he learned about the existence of instruction guides on how to speak with an upper-class British accent ».

Now, streaming media is also providing cultural parts. The research assistant professor gives the example of an « award-winning series streaming on Amazone, The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel » in which three characters go to France, from New York. Questions of language, culture and identity are raised…