“The Impact of the GDPR on Content Providers” by Vincent Lefrère (IMT-BS)

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the impact of the GDPR

Vincent Lefrère, associate professor in digital economy at Institut Mines-Telecom Business School, co-wrote an article entitled “The impact of the GDPR on Content Providers” with Logan Warberg (Carnegie Mellon University), Cristobal Cheyre (Cornell University), Veronica Marotta (University of Minnesota Twin Cities) and Alessandro Acquisti (Carnegie Mellon University).

In this article presented during the WEIS on December 2020 – the Workshop on the Economics of Information Security -, Vincent Lefrère analyzed the impact of the GDPR on Content Providers (particularly for online Content Providers such as news websites). Does GDPR affect variables such as the quantity of content that websites offer to their visitors and users engagement with such content ? The five researchers answered the question by highlighting three conclusions :

  1. The results suggest that the GDPR reduced the number of third-party cookies and tracking responses in both US and EU websites
  2. The enactment of the GDPR may have to some extent negatively affected traffic to EU websites
  3. GDPR “does not seem to have negatively affected the amount of content that EU websites were able to publish (relative to US websites), or the degree of average social media engagement and interaction with such content”.
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