The current ‘mini-collapse’ requires a democratic response (Fabrice Flipo, The Conversation)

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Fabrice Flipo, professor of social and political philosophy, epistemology and the history of science and technology at Institut Mines-Télécom Business School, wrote an article entitled “The current ‘mini-collapse’ requires a democratic response“, published in The Conversation on May 12, 2020. He explains the strength of democracy to respond to major crisis situations, such as that of the Covid-19.

The current crisis has taught us a lesson: democracy is the best way to respond to the major crises humanity will face in coming years, due to the reckless yet predictable effects of its activities on the planet. But dictatorship and authoritarian management will never be far off, set to offer their (bad) services, whether in the form of a leader and saviour, at war against a “Chinese virus”, or a Platonic government, claiming to rely on Science.

Fabrice Flipo, Institut Mines-Telecom Business School