Serious game and innovation in higher education

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Over the last few years, a new teaching method linked to the invasion of digital technology in our daily lives has begun shaking up traditional learning methods. The primary purpose of these serious games is not entertainment. The developing sector does not seek to substitute, but rather supplement—or at least earn its place—in the arsenal of existing educational tools. Imed Boughzala, a researcher in management at Institut Mines-Telecom Business School offers a closer look at this phenomenon in an article published in I’MTech website (english version).

In this article, Imed Boughzala quotes video games like Assassin’s Creed which is a way « to discover the history of Ancien Egypt » or Civilization and Warcraft to « develop strategy skills ». The researcher in management is « convinced by the results of the gamification of certain educational processes, especially in learning complex procedures and in many different areas of management techniques, finance, city administration, sustainable development and healthcare and medicine ».