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Publication of the book “Security and Its Challenges in the 21st Century” by Claudine Guerrier

Livre Claudine Guerrier

Discover the book by Claudine Guerrier, professor of law at Institut Mines-Telecom Business School, published in November 2021.

"Security and Its Challenges in the 21st Century" released by ISTE - WILEY in the collection Innovation and Technology Set

This is the English version of her book entitled “The Challenges of Security in the 21st Century, the Ghost of Freedom”, released in April 2021.

It covers security and its challenges in the 21st century and provides students and researchers with an international legal and geopolitical analysis. The book also targets those interested in societal development, artificial intelligence, smart cities and quantum cryptology.

Both books are available at the multimedia library of the campus.

Claudine Guerrier,
Professor of law at IMT-BS

Her work focuses on contracts, security, social control (in the footsteps of Jacques Ellul) and privacy in the field of electronic communications, digital technologies and the evolution of information law.

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