OpenHR project presentations

On June 21, 2019, students on the Master 2 MDRH (Human Resources Digital Management) course will present solutions they have devised and developed for the third installment of the OpenHR project.

After 9 months of work creating and developing innovative and operational solutions in response to the HR issues faced by our partner companies (Ipsen, LCL, Nokia and Sopra Steria), students in the Master 2 MDRH course will deliver a POC (Proof of Concept) and business case to their respective companies on June 21.

Topics given to students this year include innovation in workforce planning, recruitment through diversity, employer promises and retention.

OpenHR is the first international open innovation academic project focusing on human resources, launched back in September 2016. The project is jointly led and directed by a former HR Director (Laurence Bouvier), an expert consultant in digital transformation within HR (Karim Cherif) and a research professor at IMT-BS (Emmanuel Baudoin).

Every year, over the course of a 9-month project, students work as part of a large ecosystem, including:

  • our partner companies in publishing, who explain their challenges and support the students over the full 9 months;
  • HR professionals, particularly through ANDRH Essonne;
  • a network of specialist stakeholders in HR innovation, all working together as part of the OpenHR project;
  • engineers and research professors from the School;
  • students from our international academic partners.