Masterclass “Agile at scale” with François Gros Product owner and co-founder at Whoz

We are pleased to invite you for our next masterclass “Agile at scale” with François Gros, product manager and co-founder at Whoz.

This event will take place on:

Tuesday 19th February 2019

from 6.30pm to 8pm,

at Remix Coworking, 24 cour des Petites Ecuries, Paris 10.

There are a lot of many different agile methodologies and business leaders know how to implement those approachs to their team. What happens when we apply them to all levels of an organization, individual as well?

Scaling agile is fashionable. Understand why and how with François Gros, who will share his experience as an agile coach and inventor of a business transformation method called « Agile Change Management ».


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