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Graduates’ Employment: IMT-BS Remains Above Average Despite the Crisis, with an Increase in Salaries and Recruitment Abroad


Like every year, the professional integration survey conducted by the Conférence des Grandes Écoles (CGE) looks at the value of the programs offered by the French Business Schools (Grandes Ecoles) on the job market. Carried out during the first quarter of 2021 among the 2020 graduates of the Grande École Program, this survey(1) shows good results despite a troubled economic context. Full employment is confirmed with 9 out of 10 graduates being in activity less than 4 months after their graduation. The survey also shows an increase in the number of recruitments of our graduates abroad this year, accompanied by a sharp rise in their salaries.

Positive Indicators:

  • In 2020, nearly 90% of students found a job within 4 months following their graduation, which is a good result given the global economic situation last year (normally, 3 out of 4 students find their first job before the end of their studies).

  • Hiring salaries have increased by 2.8% compared to last year: €41,696 with bonuses (the average salary excluding bonuses in France is €35,586). Salaries abroad are rising sharply: €43,100 excluding bonuses (+35% vs. 2019).

  • More than 88% of graduates were hired on permanent contracts, i.e. nearly 11% more than the average for graduates from French business schools (77.1%).

  • The percentage of IMT-BS graduates who find a job abroad increased in 2020 (9%).

“In spite of a difficult economic context, we can once again report this year that young graduates of Institut Mines-Telecom Business School remain competitive on the job market,” notes Denis Guibard, Dean of IMT-BS. “This competitiveness results from the quality of the programs, pedagogical innovation combined with a historical expertise in digital technology which is at the heart of employers’ needs, a transformation boosted by the crisis we have been experiencing for the past 16 months. This year’s results once again confirm the strong interest of companies in the profiles of IMT-BS graduates, who have all the advantages of a business school education, while being close to the “engineering culture” and the challenges of digital transformation. We are proud again this year to offer our students the best ratio between the cost of their studies and the level of salary upon hiring. “

Institut Mines-Telecom Business School lies at the heart of France’s leading group of digitally oriented engineering schools. Students build close ties throughout their studies (blended pedagogy, entrepreneurship, student life on campus, associative life, double degrees, etc.) with students from Telecom SudParis, the engineering school with which IMT-BS has shared the Evry-Courcouronnes campus in the Essonne department since its creation in 1979.

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