Fabrice Flipo (IMT-BS) defines digital sobriety and its challenges

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abrice-Flipo_institut Mines Telecom Business schoo

At a time when the growing use of digital tools contributes to the increase in digital consumption, what is digital sobriety? What is at stake? In an interview published on May 4, 2021 by I’MTech, Fabrice Flipo, professor of political and social philosophy at Institut Mines-Telecom Business School, answers these issues.

As the author of the work “L’impératif de la sobriété numérique : l’enjeu des modes de vie” (The Necessity of Digital Sobriety: The Challenge of Lifestyles) published in November 2020 by Editions Matériologiques, Fabrice Flipo states that the ecological impacts of digital technology (increase in greenhouse gas emissions, in particular) are caused not only by the manufacturing of digital tools, but also by their use and consumption. Thus, video, Artificial Intelligence technologies or autonomous cars are very power-consuming. According to Fabrice Flipo, in order to achieve digital sobriety, i.e. a balance in the use of digital technology with regard to the planet, it is necessary to “change lifestyles and reduce the use of digital technology, with the support of the law if necessary”.