ErasmusDays 2019 : Spotlight on Europe

On Thursday October 10, 2019, Institut Mines-Télécom Business School and Télécom SudParis celebrated the Erasmus+ program, international mobility, and Europe in general. The day featured lectures, a buffet lunch, entertainment provided by our students, a raffle, and a serious game, bringing together students, administrative staff, and research professors to share their experiences of past, current, and future international placements.

The day was devoted to Europe and international mobility. At midday, the student associations took the floor and put on a show for the 250 students in attendance. Well done to them! A raffle had been organized for the occasion and some lucky winners took home a number of prizes!

Discovering Europe: Cultural and Linguistic Olympics

For a group of students, the day continued with the discovery of European cultures through a fun, team-based serious game. The aim of the game: to journey through Europe, taking on various challenges (sporting events, problem-solving exercises, logic tests, creative challenges, and artistic activities) relating to art, languages, customs and traditions, sports, wordplay, and culture in general. The teams had to overcome each challenge in order to progress through the game and discover a new country, another stage in their journey through Europe. Speed, teamwork and mutual encouragement were the keys to success at these Olympics!

ErasmusDays 2019 Groupe étudiants IMT BS 1152x768 - ErasmusDays 2019 : Spotlight on Europe
ErasmusDays 2019 Music show IMT BS 1152x768 - ErasmusDays 2019 : Spotlight on Europe

The Erasmus Program 2021-2027: Evolution Not Revolution

Erasmus and international mobility: a talk was held featuring experts on topics affecting students, research professors, and administrative staff. Viviane Devriésère, President of EvalUE, spoke about the objectives of the Erasmus+ program: open to all, its mission is to boost the European dimension of higher education and to increase the mobility of teaching and administrative staff, as well as of students. This Erasmus+ program, which ends in 2020, will be renewed for the period 2021-2027 as the Erasmus program. “We are removing the ‘+’ but adding valuable resources”, joked Viviane Devriésère. Indeed, a doubling of the budget and the number of student placements has already been announced for this Erasmus program, which will focus on inclusion.

More international: the EvalUE President also announced that this was a goal of the upcoming Erasmus program. International mobility promotes interaction and understanding between cultures. As such, international organizations, companies and certain ministries need – and will continue to need – more and more international experts. Cyril Bouyeure, President of IDEFFIE, described the challenges of and prospects for international expertise and delivered a set of ‘instructions’ on how to become an international expert! Interested? Visit!

ErasmusDays 2019 Conférence Expertise Internationale IMT BS 1249x768 - ErasmusDays 2019 : Spotlight on Europe

Making People Want To Experience Erasmus: Objective Achieved!

This day brought together those who have experienced Erasmus+. The students and research professors all highlighted the personal, as well as the professional, enrichment they had gained from an Erasmus placement.

“What impressed me most about this exchange were the people. We meet people from all over the world with different cultures and ways of working, and we very quickly become friends. We learn a lot about ourselves, about others, and, above all, about how to work in an international context”. Amélie Toupart, student at Institut Mines-Télécom Business School, on a placement at WSB Poznan in Poland

“The Erasmus exchange is an excellent opportunity to discover, learn, and extend your network!” Saïd Assar, Research Professor at IMT-BS (Department of Technology, Information & Management, Erasmus+ project)

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