Erasmus Research seminar : when research meets teaching, opportunity or challenge?

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On 19-21 June 2019, an Erasmus Seminar about « “when research meets teaching : opportunity or challenge » took place at Institut Mines-Telecom Business School. This seminar, organized by SMART Bis team (Smart Business Information Systems & Digital Transformation), was for a global audience of higher education faculty actively engaged in pedagogy, innovation and research in the fields of business, management and information systems.

Saïd Assar, Thierno Tounkara, Anuragini Shirish and Olfa Chourabi introduced a lot of subjects like « Teaching IS fundamentals using Serious Games » or « Pros and cons of using students in IS research endeavors ». The seminar ended with dinner and music to celebrate Music Day (« Fête de la Musique »).

Many thanks to our invitees  Ling Xiao and Chikako Oka (Royal Holloway University of London).