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Chaire Good in Tech IMT-BS

Presentation of the Good in Tech Chair

Overseen by Christine Balagué, professor at IMT-BS, and by Marie-Laure Salles-Djelic, professor and dean of the School of Management and Innovation at Sciences Po, the Good in Tech Chair aims to rethink innovation and technology as catalysts of a better world for and by humanity.

The Chair was created with the support of the Risk Foundation at Groupe Louis Bachelier, in partnership with Télécom SudParis and Télécom Paris Engineering Schools, and also benefits from the support of the following organisations: Groupe AFNOR, CGI, Danone, Fabernovel, Sycomore Asset Management and AG2R.

The main objectives of the Good in Tech Chair include creating new knowledge around 4 main areas of research, whilst contributing to the communication of this knowledge in both academic and pedagogical formats as well as to business organisations, decision-makers, law-makers and the general public.   

Main areas of research

Area 1 – What measures for responsible digital innovation?

What are the dimensions of, and measures for responsible digital innovation? 
How can responsible digital innovation be integrated into digital corporate social responsibility?

Axe 2 – How to develop responsible ‘by design’ technologies?

How can we avoid data-related bias? 
How to develop responsible ‘by design’ technologies (easier to explain, accountable, fair, and respectful of regulations on personal data)?

Axe 3 – Reinventing futures: What kind of Society for tomorrow in a digital world?

What kind of Society for tomorrow in a digital world? 
How can we reinvent futures that respect the ideas behind the age of enlightenment, and that ensure the principle of equality applied to a connected world?

Axe 4 – Responsible technologies: governance and innovation.

What are the governance mechanisms of responsible digital innovation? 
Should this governance operate at a European, national or company level?

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