Partnership Research

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Partnership research is a crucial factor in both the promotion and transfer of research results achieved by the laboratories of the schools of the Institut Mines-Télécom.



The excellent partnership relationships maintained by the laboratories of the Institut Mines-Télécom’s graduate schools are recognized by the nomination of two Carnot Institutes :

Institut Carnot Télécom & Société numérique

Institut Carnot M.I.N.E.S

Originating from the 2006 research pact and inspired by the principal of the Fraunhofer Institutes in Germany, the Carnot label is intended to encourage the promotion of public research and, in particular, to foster research conducted in partnership with socio-economic actors.

The Carnot program

The Carnot program is based on 4 fundamental principles:

Financial matching:


provided to research establishments which bear this label, this is distinct from their annual budgetary allocation and is designed to incite Carnot institutes to increase their actions in the spirit of partnership, specifically by means of contracts signed with SMEs

The formation


of a federative organ through the Carnot Institute Association

The provision of scientific resources:


the matching contributions are intended to cofinance a program to provide scientific resources, i.e. academic research projects which are conducive to renewing technological competencies, thus allowing them to maintain and even to develop their scientific lead

The implementation 


of a quality assurance approach