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“3.0 organisations” are linked to the Internet of Things, artificial intelligence, the knowledge economy and data science. SMART BIS is part of this issue of organisational transformations through IS, and in this evolutionary trajectory. 

Scientific project

1. Building IS artifacts (the science of conception)

Concepts, models, methods and technological solutions

2. Using IS artifacts (the science of behavior)

Analyzing the ways in which information technology and communications are used: acceptance, adoption and appropriation

3. Managing IS artifacts (strategic management)

Managing and governing IS within an organization: strategic alignment, creating value, measuring performance, resource management, risk management etc

Our researchers:

Saïd Assar (head), Marie Bia Figueiredo, Imed Boughzala, Lamiae Benhayoun, Olfa Chourabi, Nabyla Daidj, Aurélie Dudezert, Kim Kwansoo, Daniel Lang, Michel Maurice-Demourioux, Anaraguni Shirish, Thierno Tounkara