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Openness is one of the four values that Institut Mines-Telecom Business School promotes. This value primarily reflects how our School is socially open to students from a wide variety of backgrounds. IMT-BS is committed to integrating into its programs deserving students who would not otherwise have been able to access higher education in business, due to the high tuition fees charged for such studies in the other business schools.

Social aid and equal opportunities

Enable access to higher education for underprivileged people

 Stable and adapted tuition fees

It is essential to have a global insight into the overall tuition costs before deciding to pursue a higher education. In line with its values, Institut Mines-Telecom Business School is committed to not raising the annual tuition fees of its students during their studies.

Integrated Master in Management program

How to finance the IMM program

Bachelor program

How to finance the Bachelor program


542 students benefited from scholarships and fee waivers in 2020-2021 in the Integrated Master in Management program.

Measures in favor of equal opportunities

Politique sociale IMT-BS: Logo dispositif national des Cordées de la RéussiteLes Cordées de la réussite: Institut Mines-Telecom Business School is involved in introducing students from middle and high school to the world of the Grandes Ecoles and to the career opportunities offered by these programs. IMT-BS is a partner of the national program Les Cordées de la Réussite, which aims to promote access to higher education for young people, whatever their sociocultural background, by providing them with opportunities to successfully engage in programs of academic excellence.

This program, which promotes equal opportunities in the Evry region, is run within IMT-BS by the association Les Partenariats d’Excellence (LPE). It offers middle and high school students assistance with homework, presentations on higher education, answers to all their questions. It also reassures them about their fears and informs them about their career choices. LPE also organizes outings to museums, cultural institutions and companies partnering with the Cordées.

Every year, almost a hundred students from Evry Courcouronnes middle and high schools are welcomed to the campus to participate in conferences, thematic workshops, and meetings with students, staff and graduates of the School.

Enable students with the lowest incomes to graduate in good conditions

Scholarships and social aid

All scholarship students meeting CROUS social criteria receive a scholarship whose amount (between €1,042 and €6,883 per year) is defined according to a specific scale.


Infrastructures and student services

Numerous infrastructures and services are available for students in order to support them until graduation. These services allow students with limited financial resources to complete their studies in good conditions.

Apprenticeship programs: an opportunity to complete a work-study program in a company

Apprenticeship provides students with the opportunity to complete their education in a work-study program in partnership with a company, which allows them to gain valuable professional experience. Apprenticeship students are considered employees and benefit from the advantages that come with that status. They receive a salary and the tuition fees are financed by the companies where they are employed.

Coaching programs


Graduation rate in the Integrated Master in Management program Job placement and added value

IMT-BS programs are developed in close connection with the business world, and by the end of their studies, graduates are ready to enter the job market. Thanks to their knowledge of the fundamentals, their experience of the Manager/Engineer hybridization and their expertise in the major challenges of digital transformation and digital technology, our graduates are highly sought after by companies.

99.5% of 2021 graduates found a job within 6 months after graduation, and 100% of graduates were employed after 6 months.

Upon graduation, the average salary of 2021 graduates in France, excluding bonuses, was €38,732 and 93% of them were hired on permanent contracts.

This means that IMT-BS provides the best ratio between the cost of tuition and the level of salary at graduation among the French business schools (source: Financial Times, Masters in Management Rankings 2022).

International Outreach

FICEM, a consortium to support the mobility of Indonesian students in France

Logo FicemFICEM is a consortium that is co-funded by the European Union’s Erasmus+ Program. It is composed of 10 Indonesian universities and 9 schools of the Institut Mines-Telecom.

Ficem - ErasmusThe main objective of this program is to facilitate the mobility of Indonesian students in Master’s programs as well as the development of collaborative research projects between the two countries, and to promote the mobility of researchers and doctoral students.

For the period 2020-2023, a €376,140 budget has been allocated to finance these mobilities. Students receive a monthly allowance and their travel expenses (airfare) are also covered by the scholarship.

For further information on scholarships

For further information on the consortium

Student-led humanitarian projects

Logo IntervenirProjects of the association Intervenir

Philipp’INT: Bridge the digital divide by providing access to quality computer equipment to Filipino students.

Lib’ensemble: Medicine collection and fundraising for the French-Lebanese Hospital in Zahle, Lebanon.

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