“Digital Identities in Tension : Between Autonomy and Control” by Armen Khatchatourov now available in english version

Armen Khatchatourov, teacher-researcher at IMT-BS, is an engineer and doctor of philosophy of technology, specialist in responsible data management and member of the Chair Values and Policies of Personal Information. He wrote « Digital Identities in Tension: Between Autonomy and Control », now available in english version.

The book deals with the ambivalence of universal digitalization. While this transformation opens up new possibilities, it also redistributes the interplay of constraints and incentives, and tends insidiously to create a greater malleability of individuals.

Today, companies and states are increasingly engaged in the surveillance and management of our digital identities. In response, we must study the effects that the new industrial, economic and political logics have on ethical issues and our ability to act.