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Discover the article from Aurélie Dudézert, professsor at IMT-BS

Article Aurelie Dudezert IM'Tech

Aurélie Dudézert, professor of Technology, Information & Management at Institut Mines-Telecom Business School, has co-authored with Florence Laval, associate professor at IAE Poitiers, an article published in The Conversation France and on I’MTech (IMT’s scientific news website), entitled: “Monde d’après”, “new normal”… La grande désillusion des salariés“.
Following a survey involving 500 participants between March 2020 and April 2021, they describe the expectations and disillusions of employees in companies and how the crisis has opened the way for a discourse on the theme of “nothing will be the same as before” in the “post-crisis world”.
They answer different very timely questions for organizations: How are companies adopting this new normal? How do employees experience this post-covid era? How does this crisis impact the major functions in terms of human resources or management? The authors detail different phases: the excitement, then the trauma and finally the disenchantment.
Enjoy your reading!

Aurélie Dudézert

Photo : Aurélie Dudézert
Professor at IMT-BS

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