#ErasmusDays 2020 : let’s celebrate Europe !

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In 2020, the #ErasmusDays took place on October 15, 16 and 17. Created by the Erasmus+ French National Agency, on the 30th anniversary of Erasmus+, these days consist, for schools, of organizing a series of events all over Europe and beyond. The aim of this international celebration: to put the spotlight on European values, on the benefits of mobility, and on Erasmus+ projects results.

Many thanks to the students and members of the administration who photographed themselves with the photobooth available in the forum on October 15 and 16 : a great way to celebrate Europe, despite the health context.

Erasmus+ at Institut Mines-Télécom Business School

The School has signed a total of 54 Erasmus + contract partnerships and signs a new partnership with the Riga Business School in Latvia for the fall of 2021. Every year, around 100 IMT-BS students go on Erasmus + mobility.

Erasmus+ program : what’s new ?

Health crisis and Hybrid mobility

The European Commission announced on May 18 that Erasmus + learners would be able to participate in hybrid mobility (combining virtual activities and physical mobility) from 2020. While preserving stays abroad, in particular for the acquisition of transversal skills, these hybrid mobilities combine virtual activities – such as distance learning organized by the host institution – with physical mobility abroad at a later date, when health conditions permit.

This hybrid mobility now prefigure those included in the next Erasmus + program 2021-2027. At the request of the Erasmus + national agencies and institutions carrying Erasmus + projects, the European Commission offered this flexibility to institutions from autumn 2020, to allow them to experiment with these new formats.

The Erasmus + program is expected to grow very significantly. It will thus enable European citizens to gain skills, offer them a chance to adapt to a changing world, access more easily a job market strained by the health crisis and promote cohesion and sharing.

Europass is evolving

The user will be able to create his complete skills profile by listing all of his experiences, training, and certifications. He will securely store evidence of his skills in the online library, creating a lifelong portfolio of skills for himself. From the profile, the user can edit several CV models, and cover letters. A new feature will also offer suggestions for training or job offers corresponding to the profile entered. The user can share their data with the recipients of their choice, and apply online for selected offers. Europass, European documents recognized in 35 countries to promote skills and qualifications: Europass Mobility, Diploma Supplement and Certificate Supplement.