Social Networks & Connected Objets Chair is launched !

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Télécom Ecole de Management has launched, this January 21st, 2016, a new research Chair “Smart Objects and Social Networks Chair”  in partnership with SEB Group and Huawei

Smart objects and innovative services analysed by the SOSN Chair 

With the arrival of smart objects, a new digital society is emerging. But what these objects and their associated services will actually bring? Who will use them and what will be their purpose? In order to answer these questions, Télécom Ecole de Managemetn is launching a new Chair “Smart Objects and Social Networks Chair” in partnership with SEB Group and Huawei. 

GroupeSEB Huawei

Télécom Ecole de Management’s new “Smart Objects and Social Networks Chair” is focused on the analysis of the new networks oh humans and objects. Between 2015 and 2018, a team of researchers from different disciplines, particularly IT Marketing and Computer Sciences, in partnership with SEB Group and Huawei. The SOSN Chair will work in 4 major research areas to understand the interaction between users and smart objects: 


« These networks can make sense only if they develop themselves in a global environment of  collective intelligence. Technology is here, La technologie est là, the range of possibilities is vast, but obstacles to adoption are still there, and most of our objects are currently used only a few months.» Christine Balagué


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The launch of the research chair gathered a lot of people, here you will find their feedbacks of the event :