Philippe Le Carreres' Interview

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Philippe Le CarreresPhilippe Le Carreres, Director Innovation-Operational Excellence, is enrolled in the Executive MBA. He shared a half-day with the participants and lecturer in January before joining the program in April 2016.

EMBA Participant Promotion 2015/2017

Taking part of such an adventure, that is an Executive MBA, is definitely a thoughfull choice because the investment is so important and the direction is determinative for the next steps of our career.

I took the occasion of this half-day to experience a total immersion and, thereby, definitely confirm my decision. Nothing is better than immersion!

After a pleasant welcome and good introduction established, we got into the main topic “Managerial Accounting” with a very didactic course in English, based on practical example, individual or group exercises.

At the end, I could ask questions to the students about the atmosphere of the courses, the rhythmor even the quality of the teaching. We ended with a very quick lunchtime nearby. Many thanks to the team for welcoming me.

Many key facts during this day: the way students interact together and also with the teacher, attested that everyone is responsible, that the communication is open and that homework and group work take a real place. From this side, the concept to condense the course for a week is the winning one.

This timing also contributes to create a sense of community and a good atmosphere, which are key elements to build a strong network.

My decision was over 90 % taken. This day allowed me to strengthen my choice. I warmly recommend it for those who are still hesitating in their education process.