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The on-campus Incubator Télécom Ecole de Management and its sister engineering school Télécom SudParis support the creation of new companies with strong potential for innovation, development and creating employment. The incubator relies upon the expertise of schools as well as sponsors and other partnerships. In ten years, the incubator has created more than 150 companies employing more than 1500 people. Each year, it organizes a campus-wide project known as Challenge Projects in Entrepreneurship which involves both engineering and management students. The event results in awards for the best innovative projects.

Successful Entrepreneurs

Many students at Télécom Ecole de Management have benefited from the Small Business Incubator to create their own successful businesses.

Tanguy Yu, the youngest winner in the National Competition for Innovation

Tanguy Yu

Tanguy Yu founded his start-up in 2007, while he was still at student at Télécom Ecole de Management. In 2008, his project proposed solutions for uploading videos and other publications on the Internet. He won the School’s Challenge Project and then joined the Small Business Incubator. He has since won the prize for innovation in a national competition organized by the Ministry for Research, the national research agency known as the ANR, and the public financing group for entrepreneurs Oséo. He thus obtained 240,000 € for research and development with an additional commitment of 115,000 € with the group Business Angels. Today his company, Ubicast, is located in the Small Business Incubator where he has eight full-time employees.

Benoit Varin, entrepreneur engaged in green start-up’s

benoit varin

In 2009, Benoît Varin participated in the creation of MonEx Tel (, a service aimed at consumers and businesses to recycle cell phones. The internet user finds the appropriate model on the MonEx site, provides some information on its condition and instantly discovers it value. The individual chooses freely an association to support and sends at no costs the cell to MonEx Tel by the post office via a downloaded stamp. The cell is then either recycled or sold. The equivalent of its value is donated to the association chosen. In 2010, MonEx Tel had a turn-over of one million euros.


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