[hal-03283362] Places, Spaces and Presences in Time of Covid: A Poetic Phenomenology of the Mediated Workplace Experience

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This presentation ambition is to sketch out a phenomenological investigation of this new configuration of places, spaces and presences, based on the reported experience in a service company and of an actor. Our problematic embraces two complementary aspects of these new dynamics of emplacement: How do we experience and creatively reconfigure ’emplacement’, between activity and inhabitation, at the crossroads of tasks and control, materiality, affects, technology, memory of past organisations and uncertainty about the future? And what types of performance (in the sense of result, behaviour and staging) are being invented and expected in this new context? While more regular activities will be our primary focus, we will also open our investigation to the case of an actor, because for him the presence (and emplacement of the body in space) is even more crucial, it is both his expertise and in this situation at the heart of the pursuit of his activity.