The Art of Convincing: Presentation Skills, Executive Presence and Influence

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Information is everywhere. Google knows everything, but executives still have trouble speaking in public, being assertive, speaking up for themselves and showing executive presence in an ever-changing environment.

In order to have more impact, handle tough negotiations and leave your own distinctive mark on the world, we have set up a no-nonsense and intensive training program. In just 3 days, you’ll discover how you (really) are perceived, learn the best TV professionals’ techniques and tricks on public speaking, and understand how to use your audience’s objections.

November 18-20th, 2019

3 days

Eve Chegaray, events Animator for Entrepreneurs – Public Speaking Coach at Eve Chegaray Communication

  • IMT-BS Executive Alumni Club Members, IMT Starter, Staff : free for a maximum of 5 days, 150 €/day beyond
  • Others : 150 €/day


On the third day of training, participants will experience real-life public speaking situations such as :

– Being able to present a hot topic (economical, political, sociological, innovative, business-related…)
– Effectively raising the audience’s interest
– Using PowerPoint as a visual aid
– Developing their agility and ability to improvise
– Learning how to keep smiling and be positive in every situation
– Leaving their own mark
– Being able to answer questions
– Dealing with objections and tough kicks.

Each participant will be assigned a topic and will have to prepare a 5-minutes presentation.
-Set up the context and analyze their audience
-Produce a slideshow (5 slides max)
-Q&A session following the presentation
-Group screening session

This course is specially designed so that participants will be able to use their new skills straightaway.


Bac + 3 years minimum – 5 years’ professional experience minimum – English B2

Eve Chegaray IMT-BS


Events Animator for Entrepreneurs - Public Speaking Coach at Eve Chegaray Communication

Eve’s passions are communication, human relations, leadership issues and image. She is a correspondent on the BFM Business channel. She is also part of the BFM Academy, focusing on new entrepreneurs. Eve has already produced 12 seasons of this program. She co-hosts it, with real passion, alongside Nicolas Doze.
Eve also supports managers and leaders with media trainings (as a communication coach). She prepares them for their interviews and public speaking engagements and helps them master their image