Leading disruption through collective intelligence

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In our ever-changing world, technical knowledge is no longer sufficient to be a leader. Leaders who make a difference are the ones who have developed “soft skills” (intra and inter-personal skills) in order to work with others. Today, being able to empower teams with a vision and manage people in an uncertain, complex and faster environment is the new norm. In the case of disruptive innovation, soft skills such as creativity, empathy, agility, are even more important. New leaders have to be able to create and stimulate collective intelligence.

April 8th, 2020

1 day

Sylvie Brémond Mookherjee, Executive Coach, Lecturer, Trainer, Founder of Innovation Blossom. Has been working as Executive for 25 years for brands such as Orange Labs, L’Oréal Research & Innovation.

  • IMT-BS Executive Alumni Club Members, IMT Starter, Staff : free for a maximum of 5 days, 150 €/day beyond
  • Others : 150 €/day

This course aims to :

– Show students the value of emotional intelligence and soft skills to become an inspirational leader

– Help them identify their personal innovator profile, the importance of all talents for innovation.

– Help them identify the level of change management and the appropriate modalities to empower people

– Provide skills and tools for effective collective intelligence

This day course will focus on raising awareness on one’s preferences in terms of modern leadership. The participants will take an individual questionnaire to identify their personal Innovator Profile (Foursights) (they will receive a booklet about their profile) before sharing it with the rest of the group. They will also make the experience of collective intelligence with innovation games.
The day will be divided in group lecture sessions (on subjects such as Leader soft skills, creativity, change management) followed by debriefing lectures.

Bac + 3 years minimum – 5 years’ professional experience minimum – English B2

Sylvie Brémond Mookherjee imt-bs

Sylvie Brémond Mookherjee

Consultant, Speaker and Executive Coach at Innovation Blossom

After a bachelor’s degree in Politics and Social Communication at Université Paris-Sorbonne, Sylvie worked as an Executive for 25 years for brands such as Orange Labs, L’Oréal Research & Innovation.
In 2013, she founded Innovation Blossom, an agency (consulting, training, coaching) dedicated to new ways to lead collective performances and individual talents for innovation.