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Experiment with ways of applying the Design Thinking and Service Design mindset to practical challenges.
In teams, you’ll follow the Stanford process on innovation in a human centric way, all the way from interviews to prototype testing. You’ll finish this workshop with a quiz to potentially be certified as a Design Thinker.

October 18-19th, 2019

2 days

Rémi Edart, Transformation catalyst | coaching & facilitation

  • IMT-BS Executive Alumni Club Members, IMT Starter, Staff : free for a maximum of 5 days, 150 €/day beyond
  • Others : 150 €/day

– Understanding both the Design Thinking and Service Design in Design Sprint mode over the course of 2 days. They will be compared with other methods used in lean startups.
– Acquire efficient, user-centered innovation methodologies to quickly assess and validate products.
– Learn the process and its tools.
– Experience an agile and collaborative work culture based on empathy, prototyping/testing and iteration.

Learning by doing. Several teams (4-6 participants) will work with the active support of experienced practitioners. A serie of theoretical principles, practical exercises and debriefing sessions will be provided to assimilate each phase of the method.
After a short introduction to Design Thinking and splitting up into teams, you’ll quickly learn to empathize with your users by employing some user observation techniques. Sharing your discoveries with your team will help you create a defined persona. You’ll then analyze their journey and produce a point of view based on this user’s individual needs. You can then generate ideas and prototype solutions. Next, you’ll present your prototypes to users to rapidly iterate your solution. Finally, you’ll pitch your prototype to the other teams in a role-play.
We’ll also debrief on the potential of Design Thinking, Service Design and Design Sprint within your own organization.

Certification: an online test can be taken to earn a digital certificate, which can be integrated directly on your LinkedIn profile, certifying your new skills. This certification will give you access to the Facilitator module, which when combined with the Practitioner validation of professional experience, will allow you to organize and facilitate Design Thinker modules yourself.

Anyone wanting to experience Design Thinking in Design Sprint mode over the course of 2 days in order to innovate with a focus on people. Those working in marketing, human resources, digital technology, innovation, transformation, consultants, product managers, scrum masters, UX designers, product owners, etc.

Bac + 3 years minimum – 5 years’ professional experience minimum – English B2

Rémi Edart imt-bs

Rémi Edart

transformation catalyst | coaching & facilitation

Trained as a baker-pâtissier and engineer, a designer and anthropologist, Remi spent 20 years working abroad in innovation and marketing learning a variety of agile and iterative methods. He has experience in corporations, high-tech industries and digital start-ups, as well as foundations and schools. Above all, he enjoys sharing, leading/coaching teams and co-designing solutions that are meaningful to our human communities.